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You wanna play some dress up?
Hey, Vogue.
And welcome to my lovely boat.
Come with me.
Okay, so can you go ahead and truffle up, believing the cards, trust the cards.
You got the princess of this.
You're pretty cool person.
So a night in for me consists primarily of revitalizing myself.
So I dio a lot of meditation.
You the terror cards, bats to help myself.
Here's my bedroom.
It's my lovely safe space.
I'm gonna put on a record.
I'm taking Britney Spears off.
Typically in my own time.
I'm not really lets into Britney Spears.
They're McChrystal's.
We have a much, um I'm in tune with my lipid ally because it really helps me with my intuition.
Keep some of my third eye, which is the shocker that it pertains to.
So I would really, really recommend for you guys to get some good old Doc Marine are at least a tiger's eye.
Arka Marine tigers.
I just kind of helps everything flow and call me and protect me at the same time.
I'm kind of the person that gives a book to all of my friends all the time.
I am reading Woman who run with bulls.
It's an amazing book if you're a wild woman and you kind of already noted, that means if the if you are one, I really, really, really love this deck.
I am no expert in terror cards, but I try my best.
You can start with the basic past president.
Future reading.
As I shuffled on, I'm gonna think about my life and in general, sent today.
I got success.
I'm feeling pretty successful.
Here's some of my Florida water dab, some of it on.
It's good for protection in my bath day.
I'm using which queen herbs and blessing to prepare me for tomorrow to make me grateful up today.
Gotta keep the coconut oil and the shame Oyster close.
Tell me Central's Tibetan bulls are a way we can conjure general beats and actual sonic tones, which are really helpful in aiding with you to meditate.
This is a part of the evening routine.
Every night, apart of going out routine, a part of the whenever I need it routine, your body is always speaking to you, and you need a little extra umph when you're feeling that so vibrant these air, one of the things that can really help you to get you Do we need to be?
They're really, really, really relaxing.
If you don't buy your own, you can go to a sound bath ceremony and you would really love it.
You're really benefit from it.
There's so much happening in our busy lives that it's so important to take moments where we stop.
Were you going?
I can't lie.
I play the place issue.
It's my guiltiest of pleasures.
I'm really good at games in general, I never play longer than I've ever meditated.
Like I Longest meditation session is something about a good like for you guys.
Definitely a breaking my zone.
But let me check this whole There's no way Mrs My roommate Teoh, You wanna play some dress?
Dress up is something we do often as women.
We just love it.
Hey, Beau gets in there.
Scott here.
I just wanna let you guys know that my videos were filmed before the break out endemic Corona virus.
There are many ah, hope of pillar of amazing things you could do inside to keep yourself entertained.
But it is very important that you do that.
Please stay inside.
Please practice social distancing.


インディラ・スコットのスピリチュアルな家でのルーティン。| VOGUE JAPAN

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