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as the sun rose on day three of the
apple fire
it sent out a signal of destruction that
could be seen for miles
flames flashed along the mountainside
all day while those living nearby could
do little
but just watch the fire now is burning
on the other side of it
doug hammer lives up on bluff street
north of banning
he's watched firefighters push the
flames away from his home
for two days now a fire burnt north of
us for quite some time
and then eventually it worked its way
over here but as the fire started making
its way down maya's canyon
he feared for his neighbor's ranch
across the way
there's a fire truck sitting amongst the
trees over there next to the home
and although we could see several things
burn when the smoke cleared
the home was still standing they must
have their hoses
in a swimming pool or something to draft
water because they're actually sitting
in place
and they've done a good job the home has
been saved
in fact cal fire had engines placed in
every neighborhood
as more than 1300 firefighters stood
guard saving hundreds of homes this
and the air attack of water and
retardant gave the apple fire the
one-two punch
pushing it further into the san
bernardino national forest
away from the communities below the
firefighters did just a fabulous job
in keeping everything under under
control they were on it right away
one home in cherry valley was destroyed
when the fire first started friday night
but thankfully the home was under
renovation and not
being lived in at the time the american
red cross has set up a shelter over at
beaumont high school for those who are
because of this fire but despite the
fact that about 7
800 people were supposed to be out of
their homes they've only seen
a few dozen families show up here and
because of everything going on with the
they've been given hotel vouchers to
stay elsewhere folks that are
not taking advantage of it because
they're obviously concerned about covet
we have measures in place for that we
plan for this months ahead
but most sheltering in place inside the
evacuation area
say they simply feel safer at home
especially since they know
they aren't alone joy benedict cbs 2


Apple Fire In Riverside County Continues To Grow Past 20,000 Acres, Threatening Homes

58 タグ追加 保存
Annie Huang 2020 年 8 月 3 日 に公開
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