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we're at McGuire's IRS.
And when the candy we're in college, we used to come to my quarters all the time.
You really want to like other bars?
And I would always get dreams since with all over college friends.
But we don't realize, How would she like generous?
They were with their And I'll come, Oh, candy.
Order this $8 wine and actually came up to, like here what you speak unheard of really that much.
But I like it.
So they also have 18 being too.
They're known for their Angus burger, their steaks, They're fun green l there.
But there must know for all their dollar bills throughout the building and huge restaurant.
And everybody comes here.
The tradition is to everybody, right?
Something a message that you could get up.
It's just all over the way.
Bread is glaze, honey butter fresh out of the oven.
And I love how they still give you extra butter, even though there's like a bunch of butter already on that, um, and how they covered it, too.
Like your germs don't get in it.
It almost looks like chocolate Brennan with top part with honey glaze.
Okay, here is 18 sent being soothe.
Really, really great.
Like, Wow, I, um the shocks which I was expecting one big for shop.
But I got to work jobs and really big nice asparagus.
I don't even know what this is.
It's like a tomato with a calf, a tomato with cheese on top, onion ring and then apple sauce.
I'm just amazed.
Got a 16 ounce rib eye steak eating looks amazing.
Smells amazing.
Onion rings of tomato butter, potatoes with high.
And now I hear someone Irish music way in the back lines.
I hope they come through here somewhere.
E do live about money about Bill Too sweet for me.
I could see how like people really like about eating in this e.


The Famous McGuire's Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida - Covered With Dollar Bills!

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