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  • with your basic matches.

  • Three combustible components are split between the matchstick and the matchbox trip, but strike anywhere.

  • Matches build ALS that chemistry into the tip, which means you could ignite them on just about any surface.

  • So what's inside these mighty matches?

  • Matchstick itself is made of soft white aspen, a slow burning wood.

  • It's not very flammable, which helps protect your fingertips.

  • Further, fireproofing comes from bath of mono, ammonium phosphate or map.

  • When you blow out, the match map stops it from smouldering head of the magic is the fire starting part that white Deb on the tip.

  • Powdered glass.

  • Tiny shards create friction.

  • Anyway, you strike it.

  • That friction ignites potassium chloride, which releases oxygen as it the same chemical reaction that supplies emergency air on submarines and airplanes.

  • Friction also ignites phosphorus Cesc.

  • With sulfide, it generates enough heat to ignite the aspen shank and then burns itself out.

  • And now this secret source.

  • Potassium die Chrome ate a potent, highly combustible oxidizer.

  • Diamond Brands won't tell us exactly what it does, but we bet it's there to accelerate the burn, right?

  • Pretty hot, right?

  • Have a burning question about what's inside your stuff.

with your basic matches.


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マッチはなぜ発火する?仕組みを1分で解剖 | 身の回りにあるモノの中身|What's Inside (マッチはなぜ発火する?仕組みを1分で解剖 | 身の回りにあるモノの中身|What's Inside)

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