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  • you, mermaid man in vertical boy, my child, would we used to be.

  • But now we're retired, But you can't retire.

  • There's evil afoot.

  • Before you become a jelly spotter, you have to pass a rigorous test.

  • Your first test Catch a jelly fish jelly way boys who cry Attention You want to Do you see?

  • Oh, would you sign my crabby patty?

  • Oh, I don't sign what I didn't make.

  • Hey, Big Shut went until step behind the fryer for old time's sake.

  • Everyone watch and learn.

  • No one watches, Jim.

  • One Patty the right way.

  • Beauty perch.

  • Perkins here for bikini bottom news today SpongeBob SquarePants will attempt the impossible.

  • Ah, high sea dive from that diving board will be the first sponge ever to dive up through the ocean.

  • Pay Toots, check out the debut of my new Uh oh!

  • Whoa!

  • What's that on your head?

  • Eyes That a wig?

  • A pilot?

  • Toilet paper.

  • Come on, give it a chance.

  • Let me try it on.

  • You revealed my shiny gold hot If you want it, you gotta catch it.

  • Dio my beautiful wig.

  • Good work, man.

  • I see you've read my book.

  • Craig Hamilton, the Tanis Man on TV.

  • None Other gorgeous wrinkles.

  • I don't mean to brag, but, uh wait time.

  • You've all been waiting for Kenny.

  • The cat will do his signature wall.

  • Thanks.

  • It would need a lot of time.

  • My official Kennedy Cats, Bachelot.

  • Thanks, Kati.

  • You're so real.

  • Oh, you're hungry.

  • What do you say we move this autograph session to the Krusty Krab?

  • Did you see that?

  • Can you?

  • Just gave me a trademark.

  • A okay sign.

  • So I just took my private yacht across my private lake to my private heliport.

  • It's the only way off my private island.

  • Oh, shrink!

  • It's my arch rival from high school Scwill iam, Francie, you can see me, Krusty Krab uniform on your lunch break.

  • And Squiggy Yes, I mean no.

  • I mean Hey, what you been up to?

  • Oh, just succeeding in everything you failed in.

  • You are no great shakes, William.

  • Fancy son.

  • Anyone can be a big shot in a hick town like bikini bottom.

  • Oh, is that so?

  • Cruz?

  • Not dead.

  • Ted Theme And give a warm welcome to jazz helping you seem to have ushered in an entire new era in house fancy nous I have have what you have done here harkens back to the illustrious post primitive movement popularized by famous designers.

  • Saw Lincoln's say, Was he a big inspiration for you?

  • Why, yes, I studied him for years, Elise.

  • Someone worthy of being a royal fried who has freed the spatula from the grease that I did.

  • Mr.

  • Neptune Sponge Bob Square pants.

you, mermaid man in vertical boy, my child, would we used to be.


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ビキニボトムのすべてのセレブリティ?スポンジボブ (Every CELEBRITY in Bikini Bottom ? SpongeBob)

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