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  • What's up Attackers! Welcome to your Tuesday edition of the Daily XP, bringing you to the

  • latest and greatest and best and brightest and cheeries in the world of gaming. I am

  • your host, Nicole, and you may remember me from such videos as "the McDonald triplets

  • play SpaceTeam and Nicole does GDC. On today's episode we have Shards Online, Xbox One and

  • Sony's paycuts. Your daily XP starts now!

  • Shards Online, the Indie Sandbox RPG, blasted all of its social media outlets with a countdown

  • last night, saying something big was happening. When the clock struck 0 we found out that

  • today was the day they are launching their Kickstarter campaign, along with the first

  • screenshots and gameplay video. Citadel Studios main goal with the game is to become the first-ever

  • player-run MMO. The Kickstarter campaign us up now, they are asking for $320,000 to complete

  • the project, which will hopefully begin its alpha test by the end of 2014. Check it out

  • more about the game and their campaign at

  • Microsoft has revealed the Xbox one .. .. .. without Kinect. Yes, big news today as the gaming

  • mega-giant announces that less is more, or something like that. Later this year, Xbox

  • One will be available without a Kinect and will cost $399, which is $100 off, and puts

  • it in line with the PS4 price. Why is this news? Well, for one, Microsoft was very adamant

  • that it had no intention of removing the device from its new console just this past February,

  • and there's probably thousands of us, or millions of us, who don't use the Kinect at all. Phil

  • Spencer, head of Xbox re-iterated that "Kinect remains an important part of our vision",

  • but this flip-flopping from the first Xbox announcement when the console would not function

  • without Kinect, to now not even coming with the console, says something different to me.

  • I hope you like numbers, because I'm gonna be spitting them at you quite a bit in this

  • next piece. Some Sony executives are taking a pay-cut as a sign of solidarity with their

  • struggling company, as current CEO and President of Sony, Kaz Hirai, prepares a 50% decrease

  • in pay, as well as declining his annual bonus. The news comes on the heels of bad financial

  • news as Sony expects to post a $1.27 billion dollar loss for 2013. But wait, I thought

  • the PS4 was the best-selling next gen console? Yes, it is, but the struggling PC business,

  • the niche 4K tv's and a strange revival of the Walkman brand have cost them severely.

  • Has Sony lost its luster in the electronics business? Let us know your thoughts below.

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What's up Attackers! Welcome to your Tuesday edition of the Daily XP, bringing you to the


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ニュースをお届けします。Shards Online Kickstarter、Xbox One Without Kinectなどが登場!| デイリーXP 5月13日 (News: Shards Online Kickstarter, Xbox One Without Kinect and more! | The Daily XP May 13th)

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