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  • We used to put 20 of them in there.

  • We'd activate the speed rollers, turn on the master host circuits, and that'll be it Picked sex, liquid lunch.

  • Good night, everybody.

  • I'm going to bed.

  • I bet she never seen a pair of these.

  • Take a sniff.

  • Smells like a peach.

  • They're my panties.

  • They're edible.

  • Edible wonders of modern petro technology.

  • Where did you get them?

  • At school, all the kids have come in four flavors.

  • Four flavors.

  • Girl, you want some of your daughter's panties?

  • They come in four flavors Banana, peach, mint and, of course, cherry.

  • Good night, ladies.

  • Should have gone up to bed like I said, Me 19.

  • Nice girl.

  • Good move, guys.

  • It's two in the morning.

  • Come on.

  • You need some sleep?

  • Turn off lights.

  • Zero to two o'clock.

  • Is that right?

  • Can that be right?

We used to put 20 of them in there.


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隣人 (1981) - 食用パンティシーン (6/10) |Movieclips (Neighbors (1981) - Edible Panties Scene (6/10) | Movieclips)

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