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I'm trying to give you some options for your ending.
I hate sushi.
[People eat their favorite food for a week.]
[We had four people eat their favorite food for a week to see if they'd get sick of it.]
[Here are the results.]
[Day One.]
It is definitely a food I could eat every day.
No problem.
Juice vendors at the mall, when they're like "free smoothie?"
Always, yes, you take the smoothie.
This is nigiri sushi, it's a type of sushi.
Also, Louise is out sick today, so I get to eat his burrito.
Five days of this, no problem.
Five months, no problem.
Maybe five years.
You can't take sushi from an Asian man.
You can take smoothie from a white girl.
I got this smoothie, and then I brought this smoothie from home.
- But a burrito every day, I feel like he's going to start feeling really ill. - Happy!
This shit's expensive.
Yeah, I'm on a budget.
- Damn good. - This is great, Louise!
Day two!
Louise is sick again, so we are eating his...
oh, you're eating the whole thing?
He's eating the whole thing.
I'm sorry.
Can I have a sip of it?
Can I just please have a sip?
I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm can do this all the time.
Whoa, who is this?
Look who decided to show up!
We were just so sure you weren't going to be here that Kyle just got the shitty burrito.
Is it making you feel any better?
It's kind of stupid to think that you could become sick of sushi.
You know how much my student loan bill is every month?
This could be leaking out of my eyeballs and I still wouldn't complain.
I mean appetizing, not really, but it's free, so like...
You're gonna eat it.
I'm gonna eat it.
Day four!
Let's talk about your poops.
I've got a feeling there's gonna be some poops.
I have like an iron stomach, so it takes a lot to really, like, make my poops weird.
It's been an emotional journey.
What journey? You haven't been here!
Day five!
The wow factor is a little bit like, dull.
Yeah, the wow factor is gone, but I'm still happy with it.
I have no problem with breakfast burritos.
I feel like the goal of this video was to have us be sick of our favorite food, but, you know, there's people starving out there.
That's not this kind of video.
We're grateful.
I could go on.
Yeah, I could do this every day forever.
I have to burp, will you pat my back?
By the way, so was your...
Oh my God, I smell that.



大好物を食べ続ける!と、どうなる?(People Eat Their Favorite Foods For A Week)

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