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  • Good morning, John. Today we're going to be doing something a little bit different. I'm

  • gonna be holding a debate here in my house around the topic of net neutrality, featuring

  • me, an internet user and me, representing a cable company, on opposite sides of the

  • table, literally.

  • Internet User Hank: First things first, for the viewers at home I think we should just

  • define what net neutrality is.

  • Cable Company Hank: Sounds like a fine place to begin.

  • IUH: So net neutrality is the idea that internet service providers should provide access to

  • all of the internet at the same speed: no matter what content it is, no one gets any

  • preference.

  • CCH: Fair definition; the question is: is that a good idea? Like why should I, an internet

  • service provider, have to provide Game of Thrones via BitTorrent at the same speed as

  • I provide it through HBO Go?

  • IUH: I don't know, cause you're not a law enforcement agency and that's not your job,

  • but like, you shouldn't be determining how your users use your service. It's the internet;

  • you just provide access to it and, but like, my concern is that if you do it to BitTorrent

  • that you'll do it to, like, a legitimate competitor to your business, like Netflix for example.

  • CCH: No one is talking about doing that.

  • IUH: I mean, you say that, but yeah they are. Like Comcast literally slowed down Netflix's

  • internet connection and forced them to pay to get faster access to their customers; like

  • it happened already.

  • CCH: Netflix is responsible for over 30% of the bandwidth use of the US. Why should all

  • of our customers, regardless of whether they use Netflix, be required to pay for the massive

  • infrastructure upgrades necessary to provide that service. Of course Netflix should pay.

  • But, we're not talking about slowing down Netflix to make them pay. We're just saying

  • we're going to speed Netflix up if they do pay.

  • IUH: I mean if you sped Netflix up without adding any new bandwidth, wouldn't you definitionally

  • slow someone else down in order to speed Netflix up? You are, right now, for the first time

  • in American history, making the internet a non-level playing field. You talk high and

  • mighty about economic efficiency, but what creates great economies is not profit; it's

  • competition, which is what you're trying to destroy.

  • CCH: I mean, the internet's a mature industry now; we can't keep running around like it's

  • 1998 hippie-fun-feel-good times. It's time to buckle down and turn this thing into a

  • real economic engine. We want to charge customers for access to content and charge content companies

  • for access to the customers. We get paid twice, it's great for us!

  • IUH: The internet is not your business model. The internet is a massive, technological,

  • and economic, and cultural force for good that everyone should have equal access to,

  • and your place as a middle-man does not bequeath you magical powers to extract value at every

  • turn! You have no right to decide what information goes at what speed through your pipes.

  • CCH: I mean, don't we though? We're already doing it with Netflix; we kind of already

  • set the precedent. Let's face it, this is a complicated legal thing, and with the potential

  • upside for us, we can afford a lot of lawyers and lobbyists. No offense, but I don't think

  • you can play on our level.

  • IUH: I guess we'll see. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

  • Hi. I'm a little bit worried about this. I want the internet to remain open and neutral

  • in America... for selfish and also altruistic reasons. You can help. And please do; the

  • FCC is currently asking for comments. Please go to comment at the FCC's website, there's

  • a link in the description. Tell them to classify broadband internet as a common carrier service,

  • which will prevent telecoms from making the internet a closed, non-neutral place. If you

  • want to help in more long-term ways, in the description there are a few organizations

  • that are working on these issues, actually hiring lawyers and lobbyists to compete with

  • the telecoms. You can give them money; you can give them your time; you can give them

  • your action, and you can call your congress people. I love the internet a lot and I bet

  • that you do too, and I am worried what's gonna happen if we let the middlemen decide what

  • the internet is like. Frankly, I don't trust 'em.

Good morning, John. Today we're going to be doing something a little bit different. I'm


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ハンク対ハンク:3分でわかるネット中立性の議論 (Hank vs. Hank: The Net Neutrality Debate in 3 Minutes)

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