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♪ ["Memories" by Maroon 5 playing] ♪
♪ There's a time that I remember when I did not know no pain. ♪
♪ When I believed in forever and everything would stay the same. ♪
♪ 'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories, ♪
MACK: Welcome to your new home.
♪ and the memories bring back memories, bring back you. ♪
MACK: We're rolling! What are you looking at, huh? Your papa?
WIFE: He's looking at his daddy.
MACK: Let's give them a great show, okay?
The one, and only… Ivan!
IVAN: [growling]
IVAN: Why do they want an angry gorilla anyway?
BOB: You're a silverback. You terrify humans.
MACK: [raspberries]
RUBY: [laughing]
You're not terrifying.
Who's that?
IVAN: My sister.
RUBY: Where's your sister now?
MACK: I don't remember.
STELLA: Memories never leave us.
They just get out of reach.
JULIA: Woah. Did you draw all these?
MACK: A gorilla… who draws!
BOB: What is it? Don't tell me, don't tell me!
It's a lonely haystack, on a late summer day.
IVAN: It's a beetle.
RUBY: Can you tell me a story?
IVAN: Once there was a baby elephant,
that was smart and brave,
and she needed to live in the wild, where she could be free.
MACK: Ivan!
[music stops]
RUBY: Does the baby elephant get to be free?
[smash, alarm ringing]
REPORTER: The painting is clearly a sign he wants to be free.
IVAN: What about Mack?
He's taken care of me my whole life.
MACK: We're family. We're in this together.
The one, and only… Ivan!
HENRIETTA: I'll just cross the road, then.
BOB: Why would you cross the road?
HENRIETTA: To get to the other side!


The One and Only Ivan | Official Trailer | Disney+

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