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  • A boy loves videos games just a little bit too much.

  • He loves video games so much that it causes him to hate real life.

  • He escapes to the digital world to escape the stress of his everyday life.

  • His friends jump in the game after him to help him survive in that world.

  • In the game, they pick their Avatars which are almost the complete opposite of their

  • real selves.

  • The game is filled with non playable characters that are programmed to hunt and kill any character

  • trying to advance to the next level so if you're not careful, you're gonna die.

  • They form a team to search for clues to win the game.

  • While searching for clues, they learn not to take their friendship for granted because

  • that's what happens to these two old men in the game.

  • The two friends threw their relationship away over a petty feud about business deal where

  • one of them got screwed over.

  • Learning from that mistake, the team works together.

  • The first mission is the challenge that takes place in the car.

  • The drivers all pick a vehicle and have to drive as fast as they can or they'll die

  • as fast as they can.

  • At the end of the race, you're supposed to jump a cliff.

  • The jump is a set up and the driver notices this and pump fakes at the edge of the cliff.

  • The team finds out the secret to win the mission and make it across safely.

  • To celebrate, they go to a club.

  • Keep in mind, this world is fake, but the characters get so wrapped up in it, they forget

  • that and start falling in love with the video game avatars.

  • The club is filled with evil avatars.

  • It's only a matter of time before a fight breaks out.

  • The bad guys outnumber the good guys like fifty leven to one.

  • The good guys still win.

  • Later on in the movie, the team goes to the second challenge.

  • If you've ever played step on a crack you break your momma's back or hopscotch as

  • a kid, you'd be perfect for this challenge.

  • They have to keep their balance while the floor beneath their feet is moving and falling

  • piece by piece.

  • They make it across and now there's only one more level left.

  • It's a cold world, literally I mean, because they almost catch hypothermia on the last

  • level.

  • Similar to the second level.

  • There's booby traps set up so they need to watch their step or it's game over.

  • Due to poor planning, the bad guy captures one of the teammates and takes her as a prisoner.

  • The villain takes the prisoner to the evil HQs which is a stupid idea.

  • She gets set free and now that she's already in the inside so it's like a Trojan horse

  • situation.

  • The bad guys mistakes the imposters as a friend and lets the good guys infiltrate their operation.

  • Right before the battle, the heroes press play on the boom box so they could whoop the

  • evil henchman on beat.

  • The beat drops and it's a battle to the death.

  • Both sides are evenly matched during the last battle and you're not really sure which

  • side will win when it's all over.

  • After the villain gets whooped, the hero gets the last laugh and is holding the gold stone.

  • After everyone gets hit by the green blast, the heroes win the game and return to their

  • real lives.

  • Although the lovebirds are more attracted to the digital versions of themselves, they

  • agree to learn to love each in their natural forms.

  • Those are 24 reasons these movies are the same.

  • You agree?

  • Yes, no, maybe so?

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A boy loves videos games just a little bit too much.


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