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-Congrats on "Desus & Mero," on Showtime.
Because I know it's a new home for you guys.
But you guys are crushing it. New season, October 14th.
-Yeah. -You guys are back.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you, Jim, but we're coming off hiatus.
-Yeah, coming off hiatus.
-It's, like, business terms and everything.
People in the street are like, "Damn. That's messed up.
You guys got canceled." I was like, "Actually we're on hiatus."
-"No!" -Also I can't spell "hiatus."
But it's cool.
-Is there a story that you missed while you were on hiatus
that you really wanted to cover?
-Oh, the Popeyes chicken sandwich scandal.
The brouhaha. -That was wild.
-That was -- That was out of control.
Because it was like -- -Walk me through it again.
What happened? -Okay, now, first --
Now, Popeyes been selling a spicy chicken sandwich
for months now, but someone on Twitter was just like,
"Yo, you have to try this sandwich."
And all of a sudden, everyone lost their minds.
And people were, like, exiting their 401(k)'s to buy chicken.
People were like...
-"Sell my house. Cash only."
-And the wild part -- I was in Hawaii when this happened.
So, you know, I'm six hours off the time from the East Coast.
And I'm just watching it, and I was like, "Wow.
The world's been devastated by Popeyes Chicken.
There is no USA to come back to."
-No. Yeah. -I just felt bad for, like,
the industrious New Yorkers that do stuff
like buy exclusive sneakers in bulk
and then sell them at a higher price.
'Cause there's two dudes standing outside of Popeyes
in Harlem with 46 chicken sandwiches.
I was like, "These don't keep well, my guy."
After ten minutes, they're now inedible.
You know what I'm saying? They're completely inedible.
-Yeah, yeah, I don't want to eat a cold chicken sandwich.
-Nah. -But it was a big deal.
Line around the block everywhere --
-It was sold out everywhere. And I was like, "You know what?
I have to live up to the hype. I got to get into this."
So I went to my local Popeyes chicken establishment,
and I went inside, and as soon as I walk in,
the lady behind the counter was like, "Yo.
If you're here for the sandwich, don't waste your time.
Don't get on line. There's no more sandwiches.
There's no more sandwiches. Get out!
If you want sandwiches. There's no more sandwiches!"
So I was like, "All right. I'm gonna leave.
There's no more sandwiches."
The guy behind me was like, "I think she's lying.
I'm staying on line."
-I respect that guy. I respect that guy.
He took a chance. He might be right.
-How about all the debates
going on with the presidential candidates?
Is there -- Is there anyone that you're looking at
that you'd go, "Hey, you know what?
Enough is enough. Drop out."
-Oh, come on. You know who it is.
-Come on, de Blasio. Get out of here.
-Yeah, Bill. Beat it, bill.
-The backwards pizza-eater. Get him outta here.
-This guy -- This guy -- I think it was his first week in office.
He was like, "I'm enjoying a fresh New York slice of pizza."
And it's Sbarro's! -Oh, my God.
-Sbarro's! -Sbarro's. Yeah.
It's not real pizza. -That's methadone pizza!
[ Laughter ]
Get outta here with that!
-Also, if you've been following his Instagram,
is he running for president or is he just on vacation?
He was in Iowa. He's like, "Eating a corn dog in Iowa."
The rest of us are just like,
"Hey, we're having blackouts in the city."
He's like a father that won't come back to New York.
We're like, "Dad." -"Dad, please!"
[ Laughter ]
-"Dad, I think the babysitter's dead. Dad?"
-"Dad, I know Vegas is fun.
But can you come back, please? We miss you."


Desus and Mero Sound Off on Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich, Bill de Blasio's Pizza Choices

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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