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And the last time you were here, you
were starting the "Endgame" movie right?
Is that what you--
you were starting that?
The little movie that could.
That movie-- man, oh, man.
This is what that movie made, if they haven't told you.
Because you should know this.
Was it more than a dollar?
It grossed nearly $2.8 billion.
So it did OK.
How did you do on that?
You had a little back end on that, or no?
You know, I don't even have a Disney+ Plus account comped.
I was just going to ask.
They should give you that for free at least.
I was going to use this opportunity to ask.
Look right into that camera.
Waiting for my Disney+ Plus--
For free.
--comped account.
I've got multiple pieces of art on you're streaming service--
including one of my first and best roles I've ever done,
which is a film called "Right on Track."
It was a Disney Channel original movie.
Oh, yes!
They know that.
Oh, there she is.
Look at how blurry that photo is.
How old were you?
That's how know it's old.
How old were you?
I think I was 11.
All right.
So you were at Comic-Con recently,
and a really sweet proposal happened right in front of you.
It was really sweet.
It was my first time going to a "Con,"
as I've learned you call them.
And so I got to meet a lot of people, a lot of Captain Marvel
And in it, there was a proposal.
This man came in.
And the second he stood up next to me,
he turned to his boyfriend and said,
I love you more than Captain Marvel-- which
was shocking to hear.
How dare he!
It's, like, wait a second.
And then he proposed.
And I was shocked.
That was-- my shock, and I wasn't even proposed to.
And then as the series goes on, I'm
slowly trying to hide behind the man,
because then I felt like I was in the middle of something
I was not supposed to be in.
I was, like, I'm not supposed to be here.
And did they invite you to the wedding?
I didn't get that invite yet?
Maybe I should use that also as--
use this opportunity now.
Look into that camera right there.
Please invite me.
I would love it.
Probably can't go, but I just want the invitation.
There's a picture of you and George Clooney on donkeys
And that's all you need to know.
That's it.
I'm not going to ask any questions.
I'm just going to show it.
I think the proof is in the pudding right here.
Right there.
Your donkey is--
I'd also like everyone to know that George got to the donkeys
first and gave me the bigger one,
which I think is gentlemanly.
It really is.
Did you ever think, when you were growing up,
when you were auditioning, you would
be on a donkey with George Clooney?
Where is this?
Absolutely not.
It wasn't even in the realm of possibility.
It's in Madrid, which is even weirder.
Had you been to Madrid before?
Uh-uh, no.
But they said, come ride a donkey with George Clooney?
That was an email that I got.
And I said, yes, I will do that.
And suddenly I was transported to Madrid
where I was riding a donkey, a donkey named Pepe,
next to George Clooney.
What was his donkey's name?
I think it was, like, Papita I'm maybe making that up,
so that I sound like I was personable with these donkeys.
But it was something like that.
Are you going to bring in, like, the donkey wrangler
tomorrow to double check?
But I have Papita here.
All right.
We're going to take a break.
More with Brie after this.


Brie Larson Wants a Free Subscription to Disney+

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