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we are back.
Uh, so I think everybody is the one business that's still doing very well during this quarantine.
Is Thea the liquor business?
People are buying and drinking.
And are you enjoying the alcohol during the quarantine?
You know, I've already had my first drink in today.
This morning us.
We got me on the treadmill.
You drink and then work out.
Yeah, that's how you're doing.
Yeah, you have a shot of vodka because that give you energy, right?
Because because I'm wake up tired, and then I'm like, Oh, I got energy men to get on the treadmill for five minutes, and then I run for five minutes as fast as I can.
I have another drink so I can continue on with the rest of the day.
Um, I talked to Chris Hemsworth the other day and he said, you're doing a movie together after this.
And first of all, have you met him in person yet?
Cause he is adorable.
He's the sweetest guy.
Yes, I met him in person, and I was like, Yeah, in my head, in my head and I love it.
I was like, Hi.
Nice to meet you.
I'm took me.
Had it.
He said you're gonna teach him how to be a stripper.
Oh, Okay.
So the movie that we sought to do together, he's a undercover cop who's a male exotic dancer.
And I said, But I don't even need to read the script.
I'm in for that.
It Chris hands.
Let's be taking his clothes off dance.
I'm here.
And if you need me, I will teach him.
I'm going to teacher how to be a management.
Because I have got some meeting male stripper shows.
So I know what supposed to be hormone.
All right?
He said you were going to give him a lot of tips, and so that's Ah, that's gonna be exciting for all of us to watch.
And, I mean, he really is just the sweetest guy and absolutely gorgeous.
So you're gonna have so much fun.
Yeah, um, thank you for for talking to us from home, cause I heard that you weren't so thrilled.
Because you like when you're at the studio because you get free stuff.
Yes, I love when it was not that I give free stuff, but it's like you know, you always have a really good gift bag.
I like to go in that refrigerator that usually having a room in and take everything.
Okay, Well, I figure you're not going use.
All right, go look outside your front door.
Uh huh.
Outside the friend.
You have somebody?
So we gave you masks.
Way gave you mugs?
I did.
I don't know what?
I'm not sure.
I don't know what that is, Ellen.
Who gives somebody bred in a sandwich bag like this?
Who doesn't?
That wouldn't be May I don't.
I would love a bridge in a Ziploc bag and expect somebody to eat it.
Who does?
Okay, But this was really my mom.
I cut.
Just get up yet.
Oh, I love this probiotic.
Did you put some underwear in here?
I come for the rocks.
There you go.
Get a perfect.
I mean, he's my pleasure.
Think is to show a man and I'm wearing Ellis draws.
And he's like, What's up with the M And Rajanee mistook him like No, this is property of Evelyn.
Thank you.
Good to know.
All right, Tiffany, I e I love talking to you.
I love you.
I miss you.
And I'll see you soon, I hope.
Oh, you gotta come on.
All right.
I'm coming over.
I think I'm playing.
I must send you my address making water.
I I am in.
I'm there.
The last G areas where 30 on TBS will be right back.


Ellen Sends Bread and Underwear to Tiffany Haddish

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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