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Dwayne 'Swoop' Simpson: Hey, Broadway.
Eric 'Broadway' Jones: What's up man?
Dwayne: You know what people ask me all the time. They ask me time and time again . . .
Eric: Yep.
Dwayne: Hey man, how can I play like Kobe Bryant? Right? Can you help me out man, 'cuz
I want to learn how to play like Kobe too. You know he's a star.
Eric: He's got the size!
Dwayne: You know what? Yeah, really? You think?
Eric: Yup. You and Kobe are both six-seven.
Dwayne: I'm halfway there, right?
Eric: Yeah, that's half the battle.
Dwayne: Okay, what else do I have to do?
Eric: You've got to learn how to play basketball.
Dwayne: Okay.
Eric: So then once you learn how to play basketball . . .
Dwayne: Right.
Eric: . . your amazing skill set.
Dwayne: Okay, Okay.
Eric: Yeah, yeah. Then you've got to study Kobe's moves.
Dwayne: Right.
Eric: And then you'll be able to play like, you may not be as good . . .
Dwayne: Yeah.
Eric: . .. but you can emulate some of the moves that he does.
Dwayne: You know, Kobe is known for his clutch performances.
Eric: Yeah.
Dwayne: They call him "The Black Mamba."
Eric: The Mamba.
Dwayne: Yeah, yeah. So he's got all types of moves. Plus, he's fundamentally sound.
Eric: He's an assassin.
Dwayne: He's an assassin. Knock you down, baby. I just put a dog right in your shoulder.
Eric: Yeah, yeah.
Dwayne: I didn't even feel it yet.
Eric: We'll show you how to play like Kobe Bryant.
Dwayne: All right. Come on. Let's go try this.
Eric: We're going to work on one of Kobe Bryant's signature moves.
Dwayne: Okay, let's try it.
Eric: A giant step . . .
Dwayne: Giant step.
Eric: . . between the legs . . .
Dwayne: Okay.
Eric: . . head fake . . .
Dwayne: Head fake.
Eric: . . . pull up jumper.
Dwayne: Wow.
Eric: For the money. Kobe.
Dwayne: Let's try it out.
Eric: Here we go.
Dwayne: Broadway.
Eric: What's up?
Dwayne: Now you know I'm a great defensive player.
Eric: Uh-huh.
Dwayne: And usually when Kobe Bryant gets the ball out on the perimeter, the defense
is at his mercy, right?
Eric: So you want to be able to examine the person on defense.
Dwayne: Okay.
Eric: So your guy is taller than me so I want to use my quickness.
Dwayne: Okay, okay. See what you got.
Eric: So usually Kobe would get the ball . . .
Dwayne: Uh-huh.
Eric: . . and he'll first get the ball in the attack position.
Dwayne: Okay.
Eric: He's got it in a triple threat position where he can shoot . . .
Dwayne: Shoot.
Eric: . . . he can dribble . . .
Dwayne: Right.
Eric: . . or he can pass.
Dwayne: Okay.
Eric: More than likely Kobe's going to shoot.
Dwayne: Okay.
Eric: So first he's going to hit you with a little jive step.
Dwayne: Okay.
Eric: You don't go, you don't react.
Dwayne: Uh-huh.
Eric: Then he's going to dribble to the right-hand side.
Dwayne: Right-hand side.
Eric: Go between the legs.
Dwayne: Go between the legs.
Eric: As the defender recovers, he'll stop.
Dwayne: Uh-huh.
Eric: Give him a head fake.
Dwayne: Oh, no.
Eric: The defender goes by and he'll get a nice little jump shot.
Dwayne: Okay, let's see if that works.
Eric: Over look.
Dwayne: Let's see if that works.
Eric: See if it works. Are you ready?
Dwayne: I'm ready, baby.
Eric: Jive step, between the legs, head fake. Open jump shot.
Dwayne: Wow. Kobe.


How to Play like Kobe Bryant | Basketball

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