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What the Caps parade to celebrate Stanley Cup parade about begin.
Pretty excited.
It's gonna be amazing and exciting to celebrate the Cavs win the Stanley Cup way.
I still have like a gaping hole in my stomach.
Has come back.
Hasn't set in yet, man.
Feels good.
First time ever.
Yeah, finding ever.
I feel great.
I'm so excited for I'm so stoked.
Still kind of a surreal feeling.
I think it gives the Seehofer more championships.
Sure, like D.
Someone has been cursed for a while now, but the curse is lifted.
Still the baby When they went in when d.
Had a championship trophy in the city, I think this one has uplifted First.
I've been coming to games for 25 years.
It's time.
It's like finally, you know, I've been waiting so long.
I played hockey since I was a little boy following the cast was second living my dream.
Sports wise, we have a lot to celebrate recently way.
See other cities, other cities celebrating their championships and bring everyone together and have something in common.
We celebrate politics or anything like that.
Just all good feeling It's an event that could bring the entire city together in a time where it's kind of a little hectic.
It just brings us together.
You know, everybody is in a place where politics a huge cares.
My son and I were watching together.
We were jumping up and down by 500.
I was in a hotel room in Buffalo for hockey tournament and our friends six rooms next said he could hear me screaming.
Video finally brought home the cup.
This is a Stanley Cup way went to the thrift store.
We got all these bowls at a five gallon jug of water spray, painted it, and this was from the store also.
Yeah, it's history.
We've had some really hard let down the past few years, but we just hung tough man made.
It happens truly unbelievable way lived here.
Our whole lives and way just thought we gotta celebrate in style.


Thousands Celebrate Washington Capitals’ Championship Victory

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