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thank you.
Go Go is a African percussion groove originated from the Motherland course.
But I found it in Washington, D.
By Chuck Brown started probably back in the late sixties, and as the eighties came in, that's when it was probably its biggest.
It's home grown, and it's something it's been going on for 30 years.
Plus, it's a rhythm bits her nowhere.
But Washington D.
Is what we grow up like.
New York had rap and hip hop.
We had our own style of music right here.
Why was the car goes over?
Like I said, you know, associated with something that's continuously going, you know, keeping to be going for 23 hours at a time, but file taking a break Gago is a mixture of read.
Remember, uh, you have a little jazz notes in there, but the main source of Go Go.
It's percussion drums.
It's Congress and along with percussion cow bills and things of that nature.
So that's the basic foundation of the Gogel sound.
In order to keep the people on the dance floor, they will play a cushion.
Some people still dance.
What remained everything.
Do they make soul at the world that beat in tweeted records became homeless is sold himself.
The go go genre is beat drip.
Any genre of music can fit.
On top of that be the crowd plays a big part in Go Go, because the way that we write our songs were right to anticipate the crowd.
Reactions and responses.
Karlan respond.
Has a lot of history goes always back.
Teoh African cultures.
You know what?
The drunk communicating, You're drunk.
It kind of reminds you of Ah, like a tribal leader, you know, call responses almost like it's like a war called back in the day.
They played a certain beat that calls the people to rise up and get ready for war.
We're doing it through music and sending the same vibes.
And so people hear that sound.
They get up, prepare to respond to the properly.
A lot of politicians come out of Washington, D.
The first group called to get people to come together.
Let's go get a choir to get their political views of calls, and that's what that's the importance of going that showed the power because without us they would have ever have small turnouts a lot of venues are closing that we used to play it over the years for political reasons because they would say that vocal music is valid.
If Vallis a cure any kind of form of fashion around a global venue, it could be a model way.
Go go will be responsible for because they say people came from the global Coster that caused this.
And that's political to me is not true.
He had a big impact on the on the go go See, I tell you, man, it's like getting thinner and thinner.
You got bull bands, but let's venues to perform Music never hurt nobody.
We gotta keep on doing a pretty good government and put out more original part of the song.
More festive song.
More, more positive motivated song Motivate them Education.
Part of always outdoors in negative every day.


Musicians Aim to Keep DC's Go-go Music Going

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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