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  • Hi there. Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and today we're going to talk

  • about cooking terms. Hooray. Let's begin.

  • The first word is 'broil'. 'Broil' is a setting on your oven. It

  • means to cook something under very, very high heat. It usually means that only the top heating

  • element in your oven is turned onto very high heat. It'll get the top of whatever you're

  • cooking very crispy. In a sentence, “Broil the chicken at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for

  • 10 minutes.” You might see that in a recipe somewhere.

  • Okay, the next word is 'boil'. So to 'boil' something means to cook it

  • in very, very hot water. The water gets so hot, or whatever it is you're cooking with,

  • broth, whatever, is so hot that it's bubbling. That's called 'boiling' something. So

  • in a recipe you might see, “Bring the soup to a boil and cook for 30 minutes.

  • The next word is 'mince'. 'Mince' means to cut something into very,

  • very small pieces. So you might need to mince garlic, for example, mince carrots, herbs

  • of some kind. In a sentence, “Include two tablespoons of minced garlic in your recipe.”

  • Alright.

  • The next word is 'sauté'. When you 'sauté' something, you often

  • use a frying pan and maybe butter, or oil, or some kind of fat. So it might be a piece

  • of fish, it might be chicken, whatever. You can sauté just about anything you like. In

  • a sentence, “I like sautéing meat because it's easy and delicious.”

  • The next word is 'simmer'. This is often used when you're making soup.

  • It's quite hot but it's not quite at boiling point. So often you'll need to let soups simmer

  • for a while to get all the flavors out of everything. In a sentence, “Simmer your

  • soup for one hour or more to get the best flavor.”

  • That's the end, so those are some cooking terms. Try and think about them, keep them

  • in mind the next time you make something. Thanks very much for joining us this week

  • and we'll see you again next time for more useful information. Bye. My phone is ringing,

  • why is my phone ringing. I don't know who that is. Goodbye.

Hi there. Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and today we're going to talk


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アリーシャとの週刊英単語 - 料理用語 (Weekly English Words with Alisha - Cooking Terms)

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