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  • Welcome to's English in Three Minutes. The fastest, easiest, and

  • most fun way to learn English.

  • Hey everyone, I'm Alisha!

  • In this series, we're going to learn some easy ways to ask and answer common questions

  • in English. It's really useful, and it only takes three minutes!

  • In this lesson, you're going to learn how to ask someone where they went to school or college.

  • Asking someone where they went to college is a good small-talk question and conversation-starter.

  • However you have to be careful not to offend people if they didn't go to college. We'll

  • tell you how to do this.

  • The question is simple. If the other person is over 22, it's likely they will have left

  • college already, so you ask using the past tense.

  • Where did you go to college?”

  • You could also say:

  • Where did you go to school?”

  • In American English, depending on context, “schooloften means the same ascollege”.

  • If the other person is British or European, however, they're more likely to say:

  • Where did you go to university?”

  • The answer to this question is really easy! All you say is:

  • “I went to [University], in [City].”

  • “I went to Southern Oregon University in Ashland.”

  • If the name of the city or town is part of the university's name, like Tokyo University,

  • or Oxford University, you can add the name of the country instead.

  • “I went to Tokyo University in Japan.”

  • Once you've heard the other person's answer, it's polite to make some kind of comment.

  • For example,

  • Wow, that's a really famous university.”

  • or just:

  • Oh, really?”

  • Sometimes when you askWhere did you go to college?” the other person might reply:

  • “I didn't go to college.”

  • In this situation, you should be careful how you reply so as not to appear rude. It's

  • polite to not act surprised, but instead make a positive comment like:

  • Oh, really!”

  • Or ask a question like:

  • Did you go straight into a job?”

  • Now it's time for Alisha's Advice!

  • A good follow-up question to keep the conversation going is to ask the other person:

  • What did you study?” orWhat was your major?” This gives them an opportunity to talk about

  • something they're interested in.

  • In the next lesson you'll learn how to ask another basic question about the other person

  • which often features in first-time conversations between native speakers. That's

  • Do you have any brothers or sisters?” See you next time!

Welcome to's English in Three Minutes. The fastest, easiest, and


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