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good evening.
The queen has opened a new session of parliament for the second time in the space of two months.
But this time there was less pageantry and far more politics for living.
The conservative victory in last week's election.
Some 30 bills were announced in the speech, advertised as an ambitious programme off domestic reform as well as delivering Brexit.
Top of the list was the commitment to take the UK out of you.
By the end off January, there'll be increases in the NHS budget in England and those would be enshrined in law.
There was confirmation off the conservative campaign pledge to impose longer sentences for violent defenders, but also a major review off the criminal justice system.
In the moments we'll look at some of those pledges on will be assessing how realistic they are.
But first, here's our political editor, Laura Kuhns Berg.
On the events of the day at Westminster, even the crown gets its very own Rolls Royce trappings of Westminster's great royal occasion.
A moment to savor for the new government.
It's certainly a feast at the time of agony for the opposition, so I'm gonna ask a policeman to let me through, but not you.
Thief trumpets blast their usual note rituals, summoning MPs to hear the monarch the same as ever.
But the reminders of the past ought not to hide the reality that history has just been made.
The defeated leader of the opposition seemed too angry to exchange a hello with this old, powerful prime minister, whose number one job is to take us out of the European Union.
My government's priority is to deliver the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union on the 31st of January.
My ministers will bring forward legislation to ensure the United Kingdom's exit on that date and to make the most of the opportunities of their springs for all the people of the United Kingdom.
But then, what's the wrangle of difficult trade talks, Of course, on extra cash for the health service put into law for the first time, the National Health Services Multi year funding settlement agreed earlier this year will be enshrined in law.
Tougher sentencing cutter business rates, a new immigration system, just some of the long list of work ahead.
But after a torrid few years, listen to this bland sounding announcement.
A constitution Democracy and Rights Commission will be established.
Might his government be tempted to use their huge majority to overhaul how this whole place works?
Maybe this will not be a safety first government willing to dare determined to plan not just for five years, but for a decade.
This is not a program for one year or one parliament.
It is a blueprint for the future of Britain.
Just imagine.
Just imagine where this country could be in 10 years time and after the dinner after the delay after the deadlock, after the paralysis on the platitudes, the time has come for change and the time has come for action.
And it is action that the British people will get from this gracious speech, this most gracious speech and I commend it Toe story benches, misery on the other side.
Thank you, Mr Speaker.
What the government is actually proposing is woefully inadequate for the scale of the problems that this country faces.
As this government plows ahead with his program of gimmicks and false promises, we will be holding them to account every step of the way on campaigning inside outside parliament on across this country for the rial change that this government sadly, will not deliver, but that our country so desperately needs derision.
But the other side brewing tension with the S and P two.
No, Scotland must have the chance to choose its own future one shackled to the Brexit destruction imposed by Westminster or one with hope with over Trinity on ambition on independent Scotland in the European Union.
Yet the majority of 80 Boris Johnson need not lose much sleep over getting his way in this place.
At least most of the time.
They need not worry day today.
How about keeping his place?
His authority?
But that's not the same.
Turning his chance into a success, making the most of this next few years, or something that really counts.
The pressure's on the prime minister to prove to voters who backed him that they were right far from packing up.
This is a government that's only getting going.
Today may not be the limit of its ambitions, but just the start.
Laura Ginsburg, BBC News Westminster Well, in all, the Queen's speech contained more than 30 bills.
That's not a record, but it's certainly many more than in recent years.
Aside from the big pledges of Brexit and the NHS.
There were also some specific items on the government's list off priorities.
There'll be bills to raise the point at which people start paying national insurance and to increase the national living wage.
People who rent their homes from private landlords will get more protection on there'll be a new points based immigration system aimed at attracting the skills that the government says Britain needs.
So what do today's pledges mean for the NHS or for the criminal justice system and for business?
In a moment we'll hear from our business correspondent Dashiki David and our home editor, Mark Eastern.
But first, let's start with our health editor, Hugh Pin, with his assessment.
After all the election pledges on the NHS, the conservative government has no set out its immediate priorities.
One of them is legislation to underpin the promise to spend nearly £34 billion a year Maurin cash terms on the NHS in England by 2023.
The message to voters seems to be if you're doubtful or here's a law to ensure we do it.
What's more, the average annual real terms increase is 3.4% above recent years but still a little way short of the historic long run NHS average.
Then there's social care so important for the health service.
There's nothing beyond the plan to have cross party talks on long term funding solutions.
Detailed policies seems some way off.
The public are worried about violent crime and terrorism.
The government's response is more police, more stopping search, longer sentences and mawr prison places.
They want to sound uncompromising and tough, but dig a bit deeper into the policies announced today.
And it seems that ministers also want to keep their options open.
Announcing a royal commission into the whole criminal justice system for England and Wales suggest, except for system simply isn't working properly at the moment, reflected maps in a Siris of recent scandals.
A review like this will take time.
Ministers will be hoping it diffuses crime as an issue and provides political protection when things inevitably go wrong.
Can the government afford this?
Well, it's new.
Plans are relatively modest, perhaps a sign of how bare the chancellor's cupboard is getting on top of the plans of public services.
There's an extra £85 per year for workers in the form of national insurance changes on their some concessions to the High Street, too, in the form off business right, but only for a year, and only to the tune of £320 million just 1% of the annual built or companies face.
All these plans together cost about £7 billion on the company's gonna face most of this bill in the form of that council cuts to corporation tax.
But the government might find itself struggling to balance the books within three years, as it hopes on day to day spending, given the scale off its pledges well.
In the wake of his election victory, the prime minister thanked the former Labour voters.
Who was, he put it had lent him their votes on today.
He pledged to repay their trust.
Our special correspondent, Ed Thomas, has been to Lee a conservative gain at the election to find out what people made off.
Today's announcements change like when the last Lancaster Pittard closed in 1970 or when Lee's railway station shut 50 years ago, and then last week, when many here turned from Labour, electing their first ever conservative MP, a northern town changing its mind.
Mike's been a jeweler for three years.
The money shot seen the decline of the High Street, he says.
He voted conservative last week for the first time because of a belief in Boris Johnson.
Open them person.
Open these small businesses to thrive.
In the first half of this year, 98 shops opened on 173 closed across the north west of England, an increase of almost 30% compared to the same period last year.
For Mike, today's pledge from the government to cook business rooms is crucial.
Without it, could you potentially go out of business?
Yes, definitely.
It has been a really worried.
The NHS dominated.
The queen's speech allowed government commitments for extra funding At this GP surgery, Dr Demoing is facing increasing demand.
The problems are really our kids.
There's a lot of winter pressures.
You no shortage of GPS.
It means the GPS on ground have to do more work.
Do you relieved?
Looking at the queen's speech today?
I'm I'm a positive person, so I'm trying to be, you know, look at the bigger picture.
There's immense pressure.
The number of requests for elderly social care to wooden council rose from 5300 to 7520 in two years.
That's around a 40% increase compared to the average increase in England.
A full 0.5%.
Boris Johnson's pitch now is to help towns lightly towns that have gone from red to blue believe it if he could do it, Great Town would love that.
But whoever another happens.
I'm so glad that we've actually voted conservative for a change changed, but they've been in power for the past nine years, but not in way.
They have.
The story of Lea is being told in towns across the north of England, Wales and the Midland's.
Many here now expect change and something to show for the votes.
A Thomas BBC News Lee, the prime minister has again rejected the suggestion that Scotland should be allowed to hold another referendum on independence.
Earlier today, Scotland's First minister Nicola Sturgeon laid out what she said was an unarguable case for another vote, given her party success in the general election.
On warned Mr Johnson not to block the will of the Scottish people are Scotland editor Sarah Smith picks up the story.
When should Scottish voters get another say on whether they want to live in an independent country?
That choice should be up to Scotland, says Nicholas Sturgeon, Good morning, buoyed by her victory in last week's election, except that the keys for independence is yet to be won.
But the election last week beyond any reasonable argument our mandate toe offer people in Scotland that choice.
If the prime minister refuses to transfer the powers you want, you could be stuck in a constitutional standoff for five years before you could have a referendum.
Well, let's say that that's not my intention, because I also know that the more a Tory government seeks to block the will of the Scottish people at the MAWR, the at short, complete and utter contempt for Scottish democracy, the more support for independence will rise.
This paper makes a case for the power to hold another vote to be transferred to Scotland, and a copy has today been sent to Boris Johnson.
Nicholas started knows the prime minister doesn't even need to read this document before he'll issue a flat no to the idea of another independence referendum, but what she's hoping is the longer Westminster refused to allow that vote, the more she thinks that will increase support for Scottish independence.
Boris Johnson is clearly prepared to take that risk.
I think it was Nikola Sturgeon herself who said that the referendum in 2014 was a once.
I don't know about you, Mr Speaker, but I feel that the Scottish Nationalist Party should concentrate more on delivering on the domestic priorities people of Scotland on rather less on breaking up our United Kingdom, even the dogs in the street.
No, there will be another referendum claim, Scotland's first minister.
But there's no reason to believe Westminster will agree to one any time soon.
We could be stuck in this Never end, um for years to come.


Queen's Speech: Prime Minister Boris Johnson hails 'radical' programme - BBC News

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