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Oh, well, you know this.
This is amazing.
This says Berlin operation 1945.
Well, looks like they left a little bit of Moscow behind the scale off.
The Soviet military presence in East Germany was staggering.
There were 800 garrisons here and half a 1,000,000 Soviet troops.
But then again, for Moscow, this was its key outpost in Europe.
Wow, This is a real blast from the past, these air Soviet newspapers there were obviously been used at the base as wallpaper lining.
And they're still here.
Look at this.
Look at this headline.
Long live the indestructible union of the working class.
The peasants and people's intelligence shoes from But he studies Kenya's privately sister especially Missed.
You are what?
You made me movie them twice lately.
We're in a smaller show.
You guys Sure?
Tora, Just let us know when we're glut.
When I was growing fresh reason.
Uh, yes, studies, Bruce.
Oh, well, this this is amazing.
This says Berlin operation 1945.
This shows the Red Army's last major offensive at the end of World War two.
So these arrows, this is the Soviet troops advancing on Berlin.
Moscow thought its power and influence in East Germany would last forever.


Inside the Soviet base the Cold War left behind - BBC News

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