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Russia is holding its biggest public holiday, the Victory Parade, marking the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two.
Despite a growing number of Corona virus infections, the parade is usually held on May the ninth but was delayed because of the pandemic.
This year's event holds special significance for President Putin because in a week's time Russia will hold a constitutional vote which could allow him to stay in power until 2036.
Our correspondent Steve Rosenberg has been watching the event in Red Square.
It was the parade the Kremlin had Bean determined to stage on Red Square Russian military might, marking 75 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany.
It had been postponed once due to the pandemic, but the president had pledged the parade would go ahead when possible.
Toe honor Russia's contribution in World War Two way will always remember that Nazism was crushed by the Soviet people by millions of people of different ethnicities from all Republics of the Soviet Union.
Soviets, no masks for the military and no social distancing.
But the Kremlin insists this waas safe.
Putin's decision to push ahead with this parade now is a controversial one.
Kremlin leader claims that the Corona viruses in retreat, but it's not beating City of Moscow alone is registering around 1000 cases every day.
So why did that emit Putin?
The military show must go on, partly because Russia's victory in World War Two has become a cornerstone of the country's national idea.
But more crucially, the president is hoping the parade boosts his popularity ahead of a referendum on extending his rule.
Voting starts tomorrow.
War veteran Nikolai Jarkko wasn't worried.
They rose.
Medium will beat the virus, he says, Just like we defeated, not is shares its fighting talk like that.
The Kremlin is keen to encourage.
Steve Rosenberg, BBC News Moscow Well, Earlier, I spoke to our Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford, who explained what the public reaction has bean to the parade going ahead.
This was a parade that was staged in sitters right across the country, fewer than it would normally be in a non Corona virus.
That year, some places decided it wasn't safe to go ahead, but dozens ah, couple of dozen cities that did stages parade on.
Interestingly, here in Moscow, as in those cities, mass gatherings.
Public gatherings are still banned because of the risk of Corona virus.
But in fact, here in Moscow, plenty of people did come out on the streets to watch the tanks roll by.
They rolled down the main street here in Moscow before they head to Red Square, and they came out to see the fly by off both some 75 planes and helicopters, again marking 75 years.
This is a big national holiday in Russia.
It is a major day on the calendar, so people did want to market.
But of course there is still that very real risk off the Corona virus.
And even though many of the restrictions have Bean relaxed in recent days here in Moscow, the president and of course, that vote is going to take place next week.
What's his popularity like of the moment?
Well, I think that's key to the timing of this vote, because you might argue that there's no need for a vote on constitutional reforms right now.
No urgent, desperate political need for that.
Apart from one thing President Putin desperately wants, it seems tohave a votes which will allow him when the constitution is changed.
if that's voted for to stand for president two more times, he could be president here.
Russia, If he chooses until 2036 now the reason for the haste?
Well, possibly it is because his rating has bean falling recently on.
I think he knows that things aren't going to get any better.
The Corona virus, of course, has hit the economy here in Russia as it has affected countries right around the world on things weren't great before the pandemic.
And I think the worriers that going coming out of the pandemic things could be more difficult.
So better to get that vote done.
Now, then wait too long.
That was our Moscow correspondent, Sarah Rainsford them.


Russia holds Victory Day parade in shadow of virus - BBC News

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