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Well, I think that we have to.
Or we should honor Mr George Floyd, but is not just him.
You had My brother was jogging and Georgia, Our men are very Rianna Taylor.
Someone just got killed yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky, by the cops.
So this is this is not new.
44 years.
I mean, my ancestor would take the mother Africa and brought the Jamestown, Virginia.
The first ship landed 16 19.
So I would like to say to you and and your audience, this is not new.
And also, England is not.
You know, you guys got bloody hands to, you know, you would have slave trade and you colonize countries.
We have a situation today when the whole music business has come out in Solidarity Corps.
George Floyd, I write it.
This is a situation that seems to have resonated beyond America.
Yes, and I think that's I think that's a good point, Black, and bring it up because many times with my film career, when I go to film festivals or what I get interviewed by journalists, you know, one of the first question is always you know, about whatever racial instant just happened in the United States, America and United States America.
Racism, they do better anybody else but is not just racism is all over the world.
And so this is this.
This is another.
This is a global pandemic.
Before Corona Black lives has had a great impact.
And this Look at these marches where, as I said before, we see my young general, a generation of my young white system brothers marching arm in arm with their fellow black and brown brother and sisters.
So is had a great, great great impact.
And it's about speaking truth to power.
I see ghosts.
I see I really try toe stay away from much like can explaining.
You know the film Because I respect the journalist and the critics and noises intelligence, you know, they don't have to necessarily told you know what the film's about, but I will answer this for you.
Throw say that in the broad sense is the Vietnam War through viewpoint off black being on bets and it strikes may be watched It it's part crime caper, part political polemic.
If you see my films see animals bite did not.
Did you know the answer?
My phones aren't straight down the line, you know, is, uh, a mixture stuff.
And I think those ingredients with those ingredients what?
What I call a Spike Lee joint.
Personally, I'm just gonna continue to do my art and tell my stories.
I think my films have made a difference, you know, over the the four decades.
And, uh, I'm 63 now, so I got a good, god willing 20 years left.
You know that.
Continue to, uh, do my thing.


Spike Lee on George Floyd: 'This is not new' - BBC News

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