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band of the Welsh Guards playing the national anthem on for the Queen and, as we can see that clearly inside the Diamond Jubilee State Coach Company by the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Major general Commanding ALS, the Household division on duty.
Today, Major General Ben Batters, the general commander off the House of Division London district.
And as soon as the queen arrives inside the houses of Parliament, crossing into the Sovereign's entrance there on the vast archway that leads into the sovereign's entrance, that would be on immediate fanfare.
One of the immediate signs that the queen has arrived at the Palace of Westminster will be seen above the Victoria Tower with the union flag will soon be replaced.
It'll be taken down and replaced with the royal standard, and that will take place in just a few moments time.
And then the world will know that the queen is inside the Palace of Westminster, one of the royal palaces, of course, on there, being a royal palace on the site of the Palace of Westminster four around 1000 years.
As I mentioned earlier, the oldest part of the palace, which survived the great fire back in 18 34 is Westminster Hall, which is one of the great spaces of the palace itself.
So the role standard.
No flying.
And inside the Royal Gallery we have the doors off the robing room there just to the left of the porches.
We look at it and we have the earl.
Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk Monday on the right, will be ready for the queen's arrival in just a few moments because that queens very wisely taking a rather quicker route up to the normal porch on not using the staircase majesty being greeted by the marks jump early on by the marshal are being led into the robing room itself, where Her Majesty will get ready for the state procession into the House of Lords Ladies in waiting, following.
And while this is going on, lots of activity going on in the rest of the palace.
For example, if we go down to the side of the House of Commons, we will have our first sight of the day off the speaker who will be making his way as well.
There we have the inspector of police waiting for the speakers procession through the central lobbies that daily occurrence in the Palace of Westminster.
So just the announcement that the speaker's possession is on its way, while we're also seeing the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Corn more making their way into the robing room under some.


Queen arrives at Parliament - BBC News

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