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How to Stop Snoring. Follow these simple tips to reduce snoring and get a peaceful night’s
sleep. You will need Determination Anti-snoring spray A chin strip, snore guard, or anti-snoring
nasal strips and a new pillow. Step 1. Alcohol, large meals, sedatives, and antihistamines
excessively relax throat tissue, causing vibrations that lead to snoring. Consume your last drink
about four hours before bedtime, and try not to eat anything right before bed. Step 2.
Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back can obstruct your airways, leading to snoring.
Sleeping on your side improves airflow, making you less likely to snore. Wedge-shape pillows
with added neck and head support can help open your airways, thereby reducing snoring.
Step 3. Use a nasal or oral anti-snoring spray. Both types lubricate your airways and reduce
the vibrations of throat tissue. Step 4. If breathing through your mouth is the culprit,
a chin strip or a snore guard can help you breathe naturally through your nose. Or try
a nasal strip, which lifts and dilates nostrils, clearing airways for easier breathing. Step
5. If you’re overweight, try to drop some pounds. Because extra weight adds tissue around
the throat, obesity is a leading cause of snoring. In addition, exercise can help regulate
sleep patterns and strengthen muscles. The better your muscle tone, the less likely you
are to snore. Step 6. Quit smoking, which not only clogs the throat, but also weakens
throat muscles, leaving more loose tissue to rattle around. Step 7. Consult your physician
if your snoring does not improve, since it can indicate more serious sleep disorders,
like sleep apnea, or other illness. Step 8. Now that your snoring days are behind you,
get some rest! Did you know In a survey of snorers’ bed partners, “lawn mower”
was the term most often used to describe the sound of their mate’s snoring.


How to Stop Snoring

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