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Why does my pregnant wife snore?
Is it possible she’s always snored, and you didn’t notice it until worrying about
the baby kept you up at night?
I wake up earlier than her, and now I wake up more often than before.
It might be due to the pregnancy.
I figured that much.
About a third of pregnant women snore. The blood vessels in the nose open wider, sometimes
blocking air flow enough to make noise.
Rivaling a vacuum cleaner, I think.
When you are heavier, you are more likely to snore. So she may be snoring due to the
baby weight.
When should she see a doctor?
As a pregnant person, she should be seeing a doctor. If you mean for the snoring, she
has to see a doctor if she stops breathing when snoring.
That’s sleep apnea.
If it is moderate, she could try sleeping on her side to improve air flow.
I think she already does that via an impossibly priced pregnancy pillow.
She could wear one of those anti-snoring nasal strips.
She’d complain about how silly it looks.
She’ll be wearing it in bed, not in a fashion show. You two will be the only ones who will
see it.
And it is a small thing compared to the other ways the baby is warping her body.
Tell her that the lack of sleep is causing the dark lines under her eyes, so wearing
this at night is an all natural beauty treatment.
Or an investment in our marital happiness, because it isn’t like we’re going to get
much sleep after the baby’s born.
She might try to manage her weight so she doesn’t end up worsening it with weight
She’s convinced she’s eating for two.
She’s only eating for 1.3 at most. Remind her that the less she indulges now, the fewer
Mommy and Me workouts she’ll need later.


Why Does My Pregnant Wife Snore?

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