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  • well.

  • Japan's Olympic Committee president has just said that they have reached the stage where they will have to consider postponing this year's Olympics.

  • In Tokyo, pressure has been mounting to delay the games with Canada and Australia announcing they won't be sending teams to the Games in July.

  • The president of world athletics, Sebastian Coe, has also called for the Olympics to be pushed back.

  • Well, let's hear now from the sports correspondent Katy Shannon, Katie.

  • A lot of pressure to get some clarity on the Olympics.

  • Yes, so what?

  • We're hearing GT's overnight, the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Arbet, has said For the first time, there is a chance that the Olympics will be postponed.

  • Up until now, our bay has been determined.

  • The games should continue.

  • Now all athletes of the world are starting to say they simply don't want to go.

  • The international committee might now have no option.

  • Also, overnight, Canada became the first major country to withdraw.

  • The country's Olympic and Paralympic Committee also urgently called on the IOC International Paralympic Committee on the World Health Organization to postpone the gangs for a year.

  • The Australian Olympic Committee has said in Australian team could not be assembled in the changing circumstances and they told their athletes to prepare for a 2021 games.

  • Meanwhile, world Athletics president Lord Coe has sent a letter to his IOC counterpart Thomas Bark, requesting the games be moved from July.

  • Co said in the letter that an Olympic Games in July this year is neither feasible nor desirable when in Japan a recent opinion poll showed that 69% off Japanese people think that the games should be postponed as well by a year.

  • But of course there's huge resistance to canceling the games altogether.

  • But Gate of the Olympics should be a time of celebration, but at the moment the future still remains uncertain.

  • Back to you, Katie Shannon.

  • Many thanks.



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コロナウイルス。日本とIOCにオリンピック中止への圧力が高まる - BBC ニュース (Coronavirus: Pressure grows on Japan and IOC to cancel Olympics - BBC News)

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