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  • I was in New York.

  • The former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for the rape and sexual assault of two women Are North America.

  • Correspondent Nick Bryant was in court.

  • There was joy in this moment for the victims of Harvey Weinstein that the convicted rapist will spend so long behind bars that their voices have finally being heard in court.

  • Jessica Man and Mimi Haley delivered victim statements describing how he'd ruin their lives and then had to listen to Weinsteins rambling remarks in which he expressed remorse for the women but also the men going through this crisis.

  • Then came the sentencing 23 years.

  • There were gasps in the courtroom as the sentence was read out, not least because it's so severe.

  • Most legal analysts had expected 10 to 15 years.

  • So from this courthouse in Manhattan, a punishment that will echo around the world, this is what justice looks like.

  • 20 plus three years model to rally.

  • Wolf was one of the women who testified during the trial.

  • For the first time, I could say I feel a sense of happiness, I guess because this isn't a happy Circumstance city that we're all here for, but I feel joyous thing is very severe.

  • What's your response?

  • Ridiculous.

  • Harvey Weinsteins defense team had sought the minimum sentence of five years in prison.

  • He faces 23.

  • I think that number is a cowardly number to give.

  • I think the judge caved just as I believe the jury caved, and I am not happy.

  • But it's the feelings of Weinsteins victims that matter on for the model Amber battle on a Guterres.

  • That number 23 is especially poignant.

  • I was 23 when he assaulted me.

  • That is the number when my life was ruined.

  • So let's say and your response, Teoh Today sentence.

  • I'm super happy from his limousine to a prison van from the red carpets of Hollywood to the notorious Rikers Island Jail in New York.

  • A me too message, especially to men of power, that wealth a menace offer no immunity from prosecution.

I was in New York.


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ハーヴェイ・ワインスタイン、23年の懲役刑 - BBCニュース (Harvey Weinstein jailed for 23 years - BBC News)

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