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  • China's northern neighbour Mongolia has closed its border with the country to cars and pedestrians in a bid to contain the Corona virus.

  • More than 80 people have died since the outbreak are started on their estimates that nearly 6000 people have been infected.

  • Around half of those who believe have recovered.

  • Let's get the latest live with our correspondent Robert Bryant joins me now from Shanghai.

  • Robert, Welcome to you Just got this news a short time ago about Mongolia closing its border with China.

  • What more do we know?

  • It's what we're seeing is foreign governments doing two things.

  • Those that neighbor China, certainly to the north are seeking to stop completely.

  • Ani travel between the countries.

  • And so we're seeing the Mongolian government closing its border.

  • That is a vast border that runs all the way from the West.

  • Jin Jiang a way over to the east far north of Beijing, North Korea, which also borders China in that part of the world it shut its border several days ago.

  • Other governments are trying to extract some of their people who are living and working in Wuhan.

  • In the last hour or so, the Spanish government has said it will do what it can to try and get 20 or so people China, Spanish nationals who are in place there out.

  • The British government has a similar effort in place.

  • The Americans as well have slightly more advanced plans to remove 2 to 300 people as well.

  • So that's what foreign governments are doing to try to prevent.

  • The spread will try to remove their people from Wuhan, which is the epicenter of this outbreak, on what are the latest figures, as far as we understand them from the authorities.

  • So as off today, I'll just look down in my notebook.

  • Here.

  • 80 people have died off a Corona virus in mainland China, 2744 confirmed cases just over 5.5 1000 suspected and 30,000 400 or so are being monitored.

  • So that's where the numbers are.

  • The death toll continues.

  • Teoh Increase on.

  • We had reports in Hae Nam, which is an island province right down in the south of China today.

  • The latest victim there was an 80 year old woman, so that shows you that spread of the virus almost completely nationwide.

  • Robin as this crisis deepens.

  • There seemed to be increasing speculation about how open and honest the Chinese authorities really are being with a number of people in and outside of China saying, Look, we think the real numbers are much higher, what's your sense of how accurate they probably really are, where there is a fog of war, so to speak on this, there's no doubt when you look at some of the reporting and speak to people were here for the SARS outbreak back in 2000 and two, so that's nearly 18 years ago that it is very different to that.

  • Details off this outbreak emerged in public pretty quickly after the Chinese government, at a national level, was told about them.

  • I think the issue may have been what did officials in Wuhan, on a provincial and city wide level, know?

  • And when did they know it?

  • Because the big concern now, even though the Chinese government is throwing its vast logistical weight behind the myth of medical effort, the supply effort is that frankly, it may just be too late, because in the earlier weeks when officials in were Han around, who Bay Province may have known off the beginnings of this outbreak, it may not have been dealt with it seriously.

  • It may not have been conveyed is seriously to national government at that stage.

  • Robin Bryant in Shanghai Thank you for the update.

  • We'll see.

  • McDonald is in Henan Province, where the authorities are trying to contain the Corona virus.

  • On board is the latest.

  • So this is a train station in Hunan where, as you can see, they've got protective clothing on all those people who went home to see their families for the Lunar New Year break.

  • They're now returning to the big cities, hundreds off millions off him now in whom a province where it broke out.

  • Of course, they won't be coming back so easily.

  • But everywhere else, like in this province Hunan, there are people who have been sick with the virus.

  • They all have to go back.

  • Coming into train stations.

  • People are wearing face masks using hand sanitizer and the like.

  • Clearly, the officials here are being very precautious.

  • They're checking people's temperature when they come in, so here's a family about to come in, give them their tickets, be checked on the way into the station.

  • When people arrive back.

  • In cities like Beijing, though, life won't automatically go back to normal.

  • For example, schools, they're delaying classes.

  • That's kindergartens, schools and universities, all imposing a bit of a sort of safety period while they decide whether or not they can resume classes again.

  • And officials here in China have even extended Lunar New Year Holiday to give them a bit more breathing space to deal with this crisis.

  • Stephen McDonnell at a train station in Havana province there.

China's northern neighbour Mongolia has closed its border with the country to cars and pedestrians in a bid to contain the Corona virus.


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