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  • Julian Huguet: Would you like some snacks? Participant 1: Ooo yum!

  • JH: Yes exactly! Would you like any snacks or any? Participant 2: Yes all of them!

  • JH: By all means!

  • [title music]

  • JH: In order to be happy, you need to be successful. Thank you. If you work hard, if you're good

  • enough eventually your efforts are going to be recognized and rewarded. Well what if I

  • told you you had it backwards.That being successful doesn't make lead to happiness, but rather,

  • happiness leads to success. You need a minute to process that? It's fine. I'll wait.

  • It's true! Happy people are better at problem solving, figuring out new options, and being creative!

  • Statistically happy people perform better with marriage, friendships, income, work performance,

  • and health! I kid you not, someone somewhere figured that out. I don't know them, but here.

  • We wanted to see if we could prove it ourselves here in our lab. We gathered a selection of

  • volunteers and we split them into two groups, a control group and an experimental group.

  • For the experimental group we tried to change their mood with something called positive affectivity.

  • That's science for we affected them positively. JH: Would you like some snacks? Would you

  • like some snacks or any. Participant 1: Yes, all of them! [laughs]

  • JH: By all means! We have a video queued up for you that we'd like you to check out.

  • JH: We'd also like to thank you for coming in and sharing your time with us so we'd like

  • to offer you a gift card. Participant 3: Sweet!

  • JH: Yeah! JH: A gift card for you as another token of

  • our appreciation. JH: For our control group we gave them nothing.

  • [crickets chirping] JH: Then we gave everybody the same problem

  • solving exercise. We gave everybody ten minutes. JH: We have a little puzzle for you.

  • P1: Okay! JH: So we have this cork board and a candle,

  • and a box. Inside this box are tacks and matches. Your puzzle, should you choose to accept it,

  • is keeping this cork board upright, you have to somehow affix this candle to the board

  • in such a way that when you light it and let it run down completely none of the wax will

  • drip on the table, on the support, on the floor, anything like that. Does that make

  • sense? Participant 4: Yeah

  • P3: Anywhere on the cork board? JH: Mhm.

  • P2: Am I okay to still eat? JH: Absolutely! Good luck!

  • Participant 5: When should I begin? JH: Now! So would the group we put in a good

  • mood perform better than the control group? Let's find out!

  • P2: I don't know how long this is gonna take. P1: There's not gonna be wind or anything

  • like it's just..nothing crazy like that? JH: No, we're not gonna submit it through

  • like structural test or anything no it's okay. P4: I need like Jeopardy music or something like that.

  • P5: But it's okay to drip on the board.

  • JH: The board itself? The cork board? No. P5: No?

  • JH: No P5: What it's gonna dissipate?

  • P1: Can I tear this? JH: Yup!

  • P5: What's going on right there? P2: I can use the box too right?

  • P2: Yay! JH: Success! Let me see that candle burning!

  • Yeah you got it! Way to go! JH: You melted the wax and stuck it directly

  • on the cork board. It's creative, I will give you that. It's not the answer.

  • P6: What do you mean? JH: Well if you were to light this and the

  • candle were to meltdown. P6: Eventually, yeah but that's gonna happen

  • however you do it. JH: Not necessarily!

  • P6: Okay. JH: You got it!

  • P5: I got it? JH: Woah, that was close. That was a buzzer

  • beater! JH: It's definitely interesting.

  • JH: I think it's safe in saying, the simplest solution we've seen all day.

  • JH: This satisfies all the requirements we gave you!

  • P1: Yes! JH: Definitely!

  • JH: Congratulations let me very carefully. P4: I don't want to burn the place down!

  • JH: Well, what do we have here? P7: Nothing. [laughs]

  • JH: I wouldn't say that! JH: Do you feel like you're better at coming

  • up with options, different options, when you're in a good mood?

  • P4: I would say so, my mind is just more expanded when I'm in a good mood. It kinda helps me

  • to just breathe and think about it more instead of just trying to force it to get done.

  • JH: Do you think success leads to happiness or happiness leads to success.

  • P5: Ah, the age old question. Success is when preparation meets opportunity, so to answer

  • your question I think its not relevant in terms of success. Everybody has their own opinions

  • on what success is! JH: Does success lead to happiness or does

  • happiness lead to success. P1: Obviously if you're happy then you're

  • probably gonna be more successful and everybody has different definition of success. So if

  • you're happy and you're doing what you love, hey you're successful. So it just depends

  • on your own definition of success, so I think happiness has to come first.

  • JH: Do you think success leads to happiness or happiness leads to success?

  • P8: If you're happier, you probably think more clearly, more optimistically and then

  • you have better chances at success. JH: What are the results? We found that the

  • group we subjected to positive affectivity on average solved it 14% faster than the control

  • group. Now there's no way to know for sure if the people we brought in for our experimental

  • group were just naturally better problem solvers to begin with. Plus we had a very small sample

  • size, so the results aren't bulletproof. But, take it for what it's worth! In fact I'll

  • even let you in on a little secret. I'm not a real scientist! Felt good to get that off

  • my chest. So, go on then, be happy! [off camera]: What if we're not happy?

  • JH: Well it's funny you should ask that because I actually have four episodes down here that

  • can help you flip the switch. I'm Julian and this has been The Science of Happiness.

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Julian Huguet: Would you like some snacks? Participant 1: Ooo yum!


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