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  • Wiz: The stories that surround the two sacred headbands are as many as the men who died in their pursuit.

  • Boomstick: What's so special about some strips of head cloth?

  • Wiz: Legend says they were created by the gods, or they can grant the wearer supernatural powers.

  • But in truth, the headbands only bring pain and loss, such was the case with Afro Samurai.

  • Boomstick: Wait, did his parents really call him "Afro"?

  • Talk 'bout settin' big expectations!

  • Wiz: Well, no, it's a nickname, but even if they did, have you seen his dad?

  • I think they knew what to expect.

  • Boomstick: Damn, just look at it!

  • Oh, and hey, look, he's got the number one headband!

  • Wiz: Here's how this works:

  • The person who wears the number one headband is said to rule the world.

  • And the only person who can challenge the number one is whoever possesses the number two.

  • In contrast, anybody can challenge the owner of the number two for the right to wear that headband.

  • And thus, gain the right to challenge the number one.

  • Boomstick: So, like, you just work your way up so that only one guy in the world can challenge you?

  • So where do I get one of these headbands?

  • Then no one will mess with me.

  • Wiz: Actually, the opposite would probably happen, which young Afro witnessed first hand when some freak named Justice showed up with the number two and killed his father right in front of him.

  • Boomstick: Why does this always happen?

  • Y'know, I always thought parentin' was the hardest thing about being a dad.

  • But at this point, I think it's just actually stayin' alive if your kid's ever gonna do anythin' great.

  • Or just stickin' around for them.

  • Wiz: Despite knowing that he was effectively creating a future challenger.

  • Justice left Afro alone to mourn his loss.

  • Boomstick: So, of course, Afro swore revenge and started learnin' swordsmanship, under a sword master named...

  • Who the hell is namin' these people?

  • Wiz: Through Sword Master's training of sword mastery, Afro learned the traditional samurai fighting styles of kenjutsu and kendo.

  • Boomstick: Kenjutsu is all 'bout how to kill an opponent as fast as possible.

  • While Kendo is more about discipline and being Zen and stuff.

  • Naturally, Afro preferred the more kickass one.

  • Wiz: Right, Sword Master's goal was to refine Afro's body and mind.

  • Instilling upon him a sense of honor, or Bushido, but that didn't quite mesh with Afro's thirst for vengeance.

  • Boomstick: So when he found out that Sword Master had the number two headband all along.

  • He knew what he had to do.

  • And now, he could take down the guy who killed his dad.

  • Wiz: Alongside his new friend/burden, Ninja Ninja.

  • Boomstick: Oh come the f*ck on!

  • Where'd this guy come from?

  • Ninja Ninja: Now don't we look like shit!

  • How you been, man?

  • Wiz: Well, it's not entirely clear, he's there, but at the same time, not there.

  • Ninja Ninja is believed to be the guardian of the number two headband, but all he ever really does is talk, talk, and talk some more.

  • Ninja Ninja: He got arrows and grenades and shit!

  • You ain't got no chance, dude!

  • Wiz: Though it's also possible Ninja Ninja is simply a figment of Afro's mind, brought about by psychological stress.

  • Boomstick: Y'know I have an imaginary friend.

  • Wiz: Aren't you little old for that?

  • Boomstick: Not for Al Gundy.

  • He's a gun.

  • Who also talks to me.

  • It tells me to do stuff.

  • Wiz: Al... Al Gundy?

  • Boomstick that's not your imagination Al Gundy was an experiment of mine gone wrong that escaped.

  • Where did you last see him?

  • Boomstick: I was wonderin' why I wanted to know all 'bout your personal information.

  • That I gave to him.

  • Wiz: WHAT!?

  • NO GOD!!!

  • (Alarm blaring) CODE RED! CODE RED! We gotta lock this place down.

  • Boomstick: God It's so easy to mess with him sometimes.

  • Come back next week for the full episode.

  • Wiz: (screaming)



Wiz: The stories that surround the two sacred headbands are as many as the men who died in their pursuit.


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アフロサムライスタイルズがDEATH BATTLEへ (Afro Samurai Styles into DEATH BATTLE)

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