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  • All right.

  • So for the latest on this story, let's welcome in the host of Who collected podcast.

  • Brian Witte.

  • Horse.

  • So Brian.

  • Minutes before Durant posted that message, Steve Kerr basically said, Look, we don't have any news on Durant.

  • So the question everybody's asking is, did he not tell them?

  • Well, they didn't have any news for the media on Durant, but I can assure you that they were well aware what was happening with Kevin.

  • I think they just wanted to give him space to make his own announcement.

  • Obviously, they were well aware that Kevin went in New York to get the M.

  • R.

  • I and the surgery they were keeping in constant contact with his agent.

  • This is not unusual in the n b.

  • A.

  • Players go off to see their own surgeons all the time.

  • It usually doesn't happen in this kind of stage and these kind of timing, that's what went down OK, well, that's good.

  • And I'm kind of falls in line with the Warriors have been saying all along.

  • We're trying to respect Kevin Durant and his process as well.

  • Okay, so let's talk about Kyrie Irving.

  • Let's talk about the dominoes that are falling, at least as we hear with respect to free agency.

  • Reportedly, he's thinking about opting out.

  • He's now taken on ROC Nation as his management company, parting with his longtime agent reading the Tea leaves here.

  • How do you think all of this affects Kyra's future?

  • Yeah, right.

  • This is another one of those things where timing seems very strange.

  • Kyrie it out had actually been thinking about this and plotting this for some period of time on Lee.

  • He knows when he made the actual decision.

  • This had been his agent since his rookie year, though, and Jeff Wexler is a guy who has only had a few clients and focus specifically on Kyrie.

  • So it was surprising, but not completely unexpected.

  • The interesting thing is that Rock Nation has close ties to the Brooklyn Nets.

  • It's run by Jay Z.

  • Obviously, at one time was, ah, a team owner of the Nets, the the guy who leads the Nets.

  • His brother is the president of of Rock Nation.

  • So there's a lot of connections here, and you could make certain leaps.

  • That said, I don't think that an agent representation they will determine just where Kyrie is gonna play.

  • But certainly Ryan tea leaves.

  • As you said, show Kyrie Irving is headed towards Brooklyn.

  • Okay, And speaking of another big time free agent, Kawhi Leonard, how does Durant injury situation affect him?

  • It's a good a good question.

  • Kawai sort of operates in his own orbit.

  • You know, there's been a lot of talk about Durant and Kyrie Irving teaming up.

  • There's been talk about LeBron teaming up with players.

  • There has been speculation that a team may try to sign a big free agent than trade for Anthony Davis, specifically the New York Knicks.

  • There's been none of that with Kowa.

  • He operates independently.

  • He is a very small circle.

  • Doesn't communicate a lot with other players in the league.

  • So I think Kawai is gonna do his thing no matter what.

  • And what is that gonna be?

  • We're all waiting to find out.

  • Oh, can't wait until free agency season starts.

  • Sees is not over yet.

  • And we're already jumping and we can't help ourselves, Brian.

All right.


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