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  • ever 06 foot six can shoot it on the move to play pick.

  • And there's a lot to like about his game back to hero.

  • You're okay.

  • Yeah, a hero and a chance for a three point play.

  • Lack confidence?

  • Not at all Cactus.

  • It's hard to play in a program like Kentucky and doing what he did in lack confidence, but I like what I just saw.

  • Their friends by Tyler.

  • Hero does way more than you think.

  • Looks like eating guarded position.

  • The kid's got a future Flames doors, as you see here he goes again.

  • Now you get a chance to show your versatility on the basketball floor, Showing your morning with Way looks like a player playing Bangs in a three at a Kentucky taking 13th overall in last month's draft.

  • Be many People here are down here in Miami.

  • Our heroes determined.

  • Throw down from me standing and I light hero to make really nice.

  • Passed by Heroes.

  • Hero is a very good basketball.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

ever 06 foot six can shoot it on the move to play pick.


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