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  • so obviously a lot of excitement there.

  • What's your reaction to me?

  • Well, I think the important thing to realize is it's a massive step forward in terms of, ah, lot of forget about the money, right?

  • A lot of the quality of life stuff.

  • The idea that now maternity leave is guaranteed as opposed to what it used to be was a partial guarantee, right?

  • The fact that players get their own rooms on the road, which is the norm in the MBA, most other pro leagues.

  • But they have to share before they're trying.

  • There is still a lot of work to be done.

  • You heard about the top players having a salads triple.

  • That's great, but I think the job of any union is to look up for.

  • The majority are sure, but you realize that the reality is if you're a rank of filed W play, you still have to have another job outside of the WNBA's.

  • That's what I want to tackle because although this is a big step and I want to talk financially, it's a big step financially for these women.

  • There's still a lot more that has to be done because one thing that as a basketball player or as an athlete that you love you love to put in the work in the offseason, go into your season and whatever happens in that season, you know you live with.

  • But then you want to take some time off to enjoy that offseason.

  • These body and rest your body's really don't get the opportunity to do that because they right back plan and they have to go Prosise because they're not making enough money in it.

  • Absolutely so.

  • I mean, it's a big step forward.

  • But you know, we still have some more to go on Twitter ourselves, people.

  • So you know so many other things you can do.

  • You look at UNH and they does the jump on ESPN seven.

  • That's great, But you gotta understand today the number one overall pick is an All Star.

  • Johnny is in the lead.

  • It's it would be like judging every MBA player by what LeBron is capable of running, and that's not fair.

  • And so, like, Tracy said, It's a big step, but I still got work to go, but that's why it's collective bargaining.

  • You move towards it and the next time they come to the table, they'll be able to ask for a little bit more.

  • May be improving a little bit more.

  • I thought one of the smartest things I heard in this whole process of back and forth was Candace Parker saying like Hey, look, we also have to remember that the MBA in its 1st 2030 years is a league.

  • It's not like they had all the benefits that they had.

  • Now we have to collectively grow the league and sort of judge us against ourselves.

  • So judging against themselves of their previous deal, this is a smashing success.

  • And then part of the reason Kathy was hired was the idea was to really go after increasing the revenue of the league overall, because the goals that they've set forth for the next few years are about going after more marketing, going after more money coming in.

  • So the money is there to pay these women that I think the league legitimately would like to pay them.

  • But obviously it is a a group effort of getting more money coming in so that more money can come out.

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so obviously a lot of excitement there.


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WNBAの新しいCBAは、大きな一歩ですが、まだ十分ではない - トレイシー-マクグラディ|ジャンプ (The WNBA's new CBA is a big step, but not enough yet - Tracy McGrady | The Jump)

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