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  • in honor of his dear departed friend Kobe Bryant.

  • He will start the game wearing uniforms number.

  • Wow!

  • Wow, that's a great way on a Kobe Rodney Mott comes to the center jump circle, rocks and red wizards of flu.

  • And now Trey is going to hang out of the basketball and in honor.

  • Off number eight, he is going to take an eight second back court violation and now the Wizards to show their honor and appreciation.

  • Washington is gonna inbound the basketball, and they will take a 24 2nd violation and should get better the last couple of games.

  • But a cold start here today.

  • Train from deep.

  • He is not bashful about shooting.

  • Oh, he's not.

  • Craig moves in, gets the bucket and a foul on Isiah Thomas.

  • He had 10 points, six rebounds and nine assists against the Hawks in Washington.

  • Wizards go back up by three.

  • Trade back in moves in tough shot hits.

  • A flock here for training techniques with foul.

  • His first not very good defense here goes up with a challenge, but the guards can't keep tray in front of him.

  • Rebounds, drives it stores, right, Trey launching, hitting a three is coming up tipped.

  • Pray he's done it again.

  • Wizards come down.

  • They tried a long pass.

  • Hearts get it back.

  • Trey.

  • Ribs.

  • That baby is on.

  • The Hawks go up 78 to 72.

  • A long one.

  • Great dials.

  • Great.

  • Working on Troy Brown with five of the shot clock.

  • 37 strays.

  • Floater gives him 39.

  • Young enough that Let me get control on this offense.

  • Let me make something that three.

  • He's up to 42 point.

  • Let him rest in last couple of minutes.

  • Here drills another 45 and he still hasn't reached his season high yet.

  • 45 14.

  • He has played unbelievable tonight.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

in honor of his dear departed friend Kobe Bryant.


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