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  • welcome Vivint Smart home arena as we bring inside.

  • Yes, hearts are very heavy after Sunday's passing of MBA great Kobe Bryant for the Rockets in the Jazz do play on tonight.

  • They just attack to be aggressive.

  • Attack again on the other end and Gordon flies up.

  • You'll run.

  • Pass.

  • Mitchell counted one.

  • Here's Eric driving in strong drive through the context behind behind the three point line.

  • Tucker Rockets just joined us.

  • Going small.

  • Harden out tonight.

  • Picked up black.

  • Gordon tried a lot, but both saves it, But it comes back out to Houston, and Gordon's got it.

  • Bad angle on that passing should be able to make a better angle.

  • Get it goes Joe on a wind up.

  • Three hard bounces has struggled tonight in the first hand over five downtown Waple 17 point first half, three of five.

  • Behind the architect was a long range take a spring in his legs to get that downhill run bucket.

  • Gordon just simply attacked Voice O Neill and won that fight.

  • Get it into single digits if you can't has been a piece.

  • Runs takes a stumbling scores.

  • Donovan Mitchell, who averages right up 14 points in the second half.

  • You have another pick second half to pull this one out at home and right there continue to say screen now.

  • They switched.

  • Bear forces that ball back down.

  • The court will take three.

  • It's up 30.

  • Works it inside.

  • Now back behind the three point line, chased by Bradley, Clocking five down, four rolled to the rim.

  • And and this is a complex, complicated basketball.

  • He lives at the rim.

  • One reason why he's number two in the 79% from the floor.

  • Time.

  • Time block shot just a little bit later.

  • The bucket.

  • Good bye, Gordon Jazz only down 11 24 five of eight from downtown.

  • Quick answer back.

  • Tucker angles on the court with Compare.

  • Gordon beats him to the rim, and one, he's been incredible tonight.

  • Want how he jumps and it's hangs in the air and gets that ball to the left side, where Go Bare could not get it.

  • That's an incredible shot, that is, that is a wild circus shot.

  • I got a bit trapped first breaks free and easy road to the rim.

  • Even in these days of high scoring, 50 is really a magical number.

  • Most of it.

  • There's 50 it is.

  • Congratulations scored 50 against Utah, 1 26 1 17 Jazz run of nine consecutive wins at home comes to an end.

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welcome Vivint Smart home arena as we bring inside.


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