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  • and it is crunch time here on the job.

  • Earlier Hoops, Martin Luther King Day.

  • We got him all day.

  • Andre Drummond.

  • Switch it out on Bradley Beal, and it does not go well.

  • Oh, Wizards Bench can't control themselves.

  • That's called taking advantage of the switch to stop a Mack truck from going down.

  • I mean, Andre needs some help there, right?

  • You should be out.

  • Benches.

  • Amazing.

  • That's amazing.

  • But they can get that kind of bench play next season.

  • When you get Tom Wall back, I'm just saying, Okay, we're good schools.

  • I'm just saying they're fun.

  • No defense, but they're fun.

  • Marcus Smart hit 11 threes on Phoenix on the weight of a beauty.

  • Phoenix on Saturday, he shot 50% 22 attempts.

  • Now they did lose the game, but still 11 3 He's fearless, He's fearless, and he worked on his three ball all summer.

  • You could tell with the way he's letting to go, and he's just crazy enough to hit that.

  • I know I would never thought we'd ever seen this market smart, but frankly, they need these baskets right now.

  • They're struggling.

  • They need some shooting from their role players.

  • Well, the Celtics hosting the Lakers tonight.

  • Good news for both teams on the injury front.

  • Anthony Davis, Jaylen Brown and Campbell Walker all making their returns tonight.

  • So goods, not name.

  • LeBron, taking advantage of being in Massachusetts, drove over Springfield earlier today for his son's high school game in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

  • LeBron will go head to head with Kemba Walker in Boston later tonight, and it has been a one sided match up.

  • LeBron guys is 28 I owe all time versus Camby.

  • That includes four game playoff sweep in 2014.

  • You were there for that.

  • Was that I, too, was there.

  • I was with a silent reporter for you guys for that one, and it wasn't a trip in a three game sweep.

  • It was not close.

  • 28.

  • No, though usually like something happens in some game where you could get a game in their.

  • Kimba hasn't paid one of his goals to take him out yet.

  • Get out.

  • Okay, the Hornets did actually beat the Cavs once while LeBron was in Cleveland, but that number was out that so this isn't really yeah, so this doesn't really reflect on Kemba reflect on the greatness of the Heat in the calves and the difficulty of his years in Charlotte.

  • But Kevin's coming off of a sore knee, I guarantee, and the Celtics need a big win.

  • I guarantee he's gonna bring everything.

  • Can't because he never wants to hear this stat again.

  • He's a big time player.

  • I do want to skip over to our lead cast game, the night thunder at Rockets.

  • This is going to be their third regular season matchup now O K C.

  • And Houston split the 1st 2 the only three games important the standings.

  • Fifth.

  • Did you imagine we would be saying that coming into the season, I'll tell you what you got to give Billy Donovan and those guys a ton of credit for what they've done.

  • Sam Presti, to me right now, is executive on year for what he pulled off in all season, and I have this team competing for playoffs.

  • It's really awesome to see, and I think Chris Paul has actually found a home he feels really good about.

  • He's got two young guards that he can mentor now and they're playing great basketball.

  • You know what I think if they If both teams had the option to undo the deal right now, they wouldn't think teams were kind of actually happy with where they are a year from now.

  • With C Word is, I don't know, man.

  • I am really interested.

  • There is a lot of buzz.

  • The last time these teams played, I expected again.

  • Today, thanks to these guys for joining me, jump is back tomorrow.

  • See them.

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and it is crunch time here on the job.


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