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  • Heywood will start for Jaylen Brown, sidelined by a sprained from Daniel Tyson.

  • Center Marcus Smart.

  • Kemba Walker at the guard.

  • Walker looking for his first field goal.

  • Walker putting a move on.

  • Bledsoe got the step.

  • Please it up in no look.

  • Layup right there.

  • His eyes kind of looking across the baseline, stopped Lopez, making him think he's not.

  • Has 11 points, 45 from the field, kept Walker knocked out of three.

  • So he has started to hit that shot, trying to get his win back, looking at his teammates, saying, I'm trying to give it to you.

  • Going to the bench a little winded downtown.

  • Campbell Walker.

  • Four for nine.

  • He has nine points.

  • This is Roger says you saw with Steph Curry years Prior.

  • Walker.

  • Let's go!

  • Knocks it down.

  • What we're seeing with the honest right now, Marv, you mentioned unselfishness of 15.

  • Or more importantly, the willingness of guys to hit guys open in their spots to make it easier for the nice move by Kemba Walker is a 51% from three point land, one for one here.

  • Walker, right back with three, trying to get two for one deal like the last couple of shots by Walker.

  • And here come the Celtics with get this first half walker for three.

  • Yes kept Walker again.

  • Kemba Walker leading the Celtics back with 24 boys.

  • Kemba Walker to 12 point walking lead.

  • Walker has a change of speed that is so effective.

  • Six of 10 from the field.

  • 453 Walker right back from downtown walkers.

  • Such such a beautiful game.

  • 30 points for Kobo with 17 rebounds, six assists in 31 minutes.

  • Stevens with smaller lineup penetration.

  • Goldston and call Lopez trying to get that shot that time to tallest player on the floor for the Celtics.

  • Is Tatum coming up on a minute remaining water speech down court.

  • He now has 40 points.

  • I'm going to give you the shot to second bucks.

  • Hold on to keep the Celtics won 28 to 1 23 Coming up.

  • Nuggets and Warriors, TNT.

  • The exclusive Home 2020 n.

  • B.

  • A All Star weekend banking for watching ESPN on YouTube firm or sports highlights and analysis.

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Heywood will start for Jaylen Brown, sidelined by a sprained from Daniel Tyson.


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ケンバ・ウォーカーがセルティックス対バックスで40点を落とす|2019-20年NBAハイライト (Kemba Walker drops 40 points in Celtics vs. Bucks | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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