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  • Patrick Beverley got his bag, huh?

  • Agreed to stay with the Clippers on a three year, $40 million deal.

  • His agent told towards Beverley, led the Clippers to that surprise playoff run, giving right the Golden State Warriors quite a go in the first round.

  • Scotty deserves every penny.

  • Our work of God plays hard, and he makes basketball excitement, especially watching in the playoff.

  • Him born agains KD guy got six inches on him, so I'm happy.

  • I mean, he has a big heart well deserved.

  • We have a great season last year.

  • Big part of that culture, big part of their identity as a team.

  • What Patrick Beverley example.

  • Terrible knee injury a couple years ago Recovered.

  • Earned this.

  • In this, especially his last year.

  • They sound with Houston.

  • I thought it was really low, so this is a nice way to bounce back when he played in the Ukraine.

  • Correct.

  • Great.

  • So this is a guy who is well traveled and has earned Earned it.

  • Seth Curry.

  • Not Steph Curry.

  • Seth Curry is returning to Dallas, agreeing to a four year, $32 million deal with the Mavericks.

  • That's a change to curry, averaging nearly 13 points a game for Dallas in the 16 17 season.

  • Of course, he's been in Portland.

  • What do you feel about this move?

  • Bryant?

  • Well, Mom had grazed all your Children to be three point you.

  • I was very happy with pride.

  • I have to agree with you.

  • I was with his dad this weekend.

  • His dad just kept saying he needs to get paid.

  • Well, it worked, by the way, that golf tournament look so good.

  • Really, really nice down there, you Elmer.

  • All right, let's move on.

  • Dennis Kanner, sensing a Text Emyr experience in the undefeated, explaining why he chose Boston over Portland, he said, Okay, I was considering signing with the Blazers, but they gave me only six minutes to make a decision.

  • I felt pressure.

  • I didn't feel comfortable, so I told them I need to think about it and I could call my brother and he can ask my family cause I can't call my family directly.

  • But they kept pushing.

  • So I told them No, but Damian Lillard said, maybe not quite.

  • This is what he wrote on Twitter.

  • I can confirm is that my boy was not given six minutes.

  • L o L.

  • He was probably down to six minutes from the original 45.

  • I mean, yeah, I mean, like, looked and his cantor says a lot of things, and he has a history of maybe exaggerating a little 45 minutes is not a whole lot of time, either, To be fair, you know, sometimes it sounds nice is it's only had six minutes.

  • It's a bargaining tactic, right?

  • That sometimes is used on both sides.

  • You only have the sixes.

  • Excluding off signed a two year, almost $10 million deal with Celtic, so he and he turned out just fine.

  • All right, we're in the final minute, the show.

  • I want to get your take me on something, Scotty said.

  • We're talking about Correa's reasoning for picking the Nets.

  • He has this great video up on Instagram about what it means to him.

  • He's coming home, obviously did not grow up in Brooklyn, But he did grow up in New Jersey watching the Nets and made a great point about hate Jay Z, Beyonce, right that the culture around Brooklyn and the people involved around Brooklyn mean more to current NBA players in the culture and the next.

  • He's his agency's rock nation now, right?

  • So that Zoff another tie there.

  • Yes, I know there's a lot of things to draw him there, but, you know, I think you're right.

  • When you grow up watching a certain team be successful, there's gonna be an affinity in your heart for that team and has Lab.

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Patrick Beverley got his bag, huh?


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