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  • Magic dropped an atomic bomb on the Los Angeles Lakers franchise.

  • So this idea that he's going to continue to help them recruit players the opposite just happened today because he clearly can't be in any pitch meetings with the people that he talked about today.

  • And he didn't hold back on anybody because everybody was equal opportunity.

  • Employer.

  • Start with Jeanie Buss.

  • He question her lack of leadership, having too many people in her ear.

  • He questioned, Roth said.

  • He was a backstabber, crushed it.

  • Tim Harris.

  • I want him to stay in his lane.

  • And he said he wanted Tyronn Lue over Frank Ball.

  • Going to be the coach?

  • Yep, that sums it up that interview.

  • Why I am so glad he got a chance to express himself my childhood idol and Rob Pelinka, a friend of mine who played college with.

  • So I think I'm a fair referee here.

  • Okay, I think what he did today does not put them any closer to getting big time free agent.

  • You think he actually did more damage, even though he said, I'm still going to be on my courtside seats and I'm still going to be here when they call me in this in this in this.

  • You think ultimately what?

  • He wanted to take the team down a little bit further.

  • Just want just confirming what we all thought.

  • What we all heard, You know, when you're trying to move forward as organization, there can't be any disconnect between your president, your GM and your owner and free agents stay here.

  • They watch they see this.

  • And as far as moving forward, this was a big blow to the Lakers.

  • I mean, because if I'm a free agent right now, I'm like, there's still probably some disconnect in that organization.

  • How so I go to organization.

  • That doesn't seem to be very stable right now.

  • Even though you just hired a coach.

  • Ah, very good coach at that.

  • You know, there's still some questions to be answered about Rob Pelinka.

  • And where does he fit in?

  • Because I trust is broken back within the organization.

  • I feel like the questions were and you have the answers.

  • You know, I really do a select The questions were answered today.

  • Magic got a chance to really kind of till his side telling stories and people every everybody was like, man it still just quit the right.

  • Nobody knew he was.

  • Now everybody understands why and always said that this function always starts at the top and it does is just true.

  • And he Jalen laid it out perfectly.

  • And when these, like faucet, when these things are not connected, it just doesn't work anywhere.

  • It doesn't matter like there has to be some synergy between that front office between the coaching staff between the ownership, whatever the brain trust is, there has to be some chemistry.

  • In some synergy.

  • They don't have it right.

  • The free agents talk.

  • These guys are friends.

  • I don't Bogle just said There's positive years, things coming.

  • I'm not confident we'll see.

  • I mean, backstabbing happens in every industry, but the difference between most people on magic is he needs no one unique, doesn't need the money, doesn't need anything.

  • So he had the freedom today to just call it like he saw it.

  • And it was, if nothing else, it was entertaining.

  • Your being the president was just a hostel for him.

Magic dropped an atomic bomb on the Los Angeles Lakers franchise.


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