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  • official tonight.

  • Scott Foster, Kevin Cutler and Ray Acosta.

  • And they've done so, picking up three fouls on Yokich going right three straight away gun against the stout defender.

  • I don't remember seeing that got away with Bar right, Zack Space.

  • That's a point of education as well.

  • Legal Contact Day, with 1/2 dozen parts coming off screens range 45 seconds.

  • Screening, bringing for three bang and they continue to knock it down outside.

  • Lamar will defensively.

  • Do you make an adjustment?

  • You press out.

  • What do you do as James, First of the night that he's hit Deflection Hood flicked outside, Martin dribbles into a triple pick and roll better.

  • They will start No.

  • One each other's game, like the back of their own hands.

  • Millsap a pick and Millsap gets involved in the action with a triple backing down on white skills.

  • A lot is made of that last game.

  • Regular season last year against Sacramento, when, after Simon's just went off with his 37 point scale also had a great game himself.

  • 29 points and 15 rebounds.

  • Joker knocks down a triple shot, 30% from three last year.

  • He's got Murray and partner with him, along with Grant on the wing and Harris in the corner projects One playmaker turns the corner.

  • Had a step.

  • Didn't use it.

  • Murray for three.

  • Murray, defended by the six sainthood, runs about the okay screen.

  • Yokich pops 18 footer in his sights.

  • Blazers will call Time Murray to Yokich Whiteside.

  • Pond Lane Rotating Murray Tennis shoes over.

  • Hangs outside.

  • Yokich run off the line.

  • Five to shoot.

  • Gotta get rid of it to Murray.

  • Three.

  • To shoot fires with two excellent defense by the Blazers.

  • Tip your hat to marry.

  • Let's bring it the other way.

  • Didn't really want she's gonna trigger another three.

  • Feeling his oats from the perimeter knocks down confidence.

  • Damian Trying to kick it outside for three Taliban intercepted by Martin will be that Denver wins here tonight by a final of 108 to 100.

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official tonight.


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