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  • right side in the back.

  • Tim Nick.

  • Tim Reynolds with the A p.

  • We've been talking all postseason about.

  • Kyle gets criticized for not scoring, which is, you know, sort of silly by now.

  • But he just finds ways.

  • And tonight it was, you know, the lead.

  • Leading the past is taking charges against boogie things of that nature.

  • Can you put into words how much his willing to sacrifice on literally any plate any time means in games like thes?

  • Well, I think that, um, the one of the best things about this team is that you don't have to put a burden of 20 to 25 points on him.

  • You know the because he's gonna defend.

  • He's going to lead the team.

  • He's gonna play.

  • Make those tough plays.

  • He just instinctually does that game after game after game, on the scoring.

  • It's great, it's it's I'm not going to say it's like icing on the cake.

  • We need a scoring and we certainly knew spacing and and some of his head down drives or makes contact gets to the line.

  • You know, those air really important, but But again, I think the this team can a lot of times absorb some nights where he just plays really well and doesn't score.

  • I mean, he had plays really well and doesn't score much.

  • That's nothing wrong with that right side.

  • Second row Phil and Phil Barber, Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

  • I know that a building can't win a basketball game, but what did you feel in the arena tonight, and what do you think it did for your team?

  • Well, it gave us a couple nice bounces.

  • I think we had a couple of a couple of shots go in that were kind of I openers, let's say, but that, you know, the fans obviously were great.

  • They were allowed their exciting.

  • I think they were, um, into it, and that's the way it should be.

  • Man, that's that's what home court is.

  • And our fans deserve a bunch of credit for being a big part of that left side.

  • Second Roda Mark Nick Mark Schwarz, ESPN.

  • Knowing Paschal seaq ums story and how he was discovered in camera room but not really known to be a basketball prospect.

  • Even when mus I saw him seven years ago, he didn't look like an N b a player How is it possible for a kid with so little background to come up in this situation and do what he did tonight in this stage?

  • Yeah, it's It's, um it's pretty incredible, right?

  • For first of all.

  • But, um, I think it was two years ago, Mark, when when we got bounced out of the playoffs, we literally went in the gym the next day.

  • And he was He was kind of like, Listen, I need to learn how to shoot.

  • I see that in playoff basketball, you better be able to shoot to be on the floor.

  • So went to work that in that day on his shooting.

  • And I think, um, we changed some mechanics, but that's a very small thing.

  • He took it and just absolutely ran with it, you know, 23 times a day, every day.

  • Just just trying to get that part of his game.

  • Um, better.

  • Right?

  • And that just shows again.

  • He was He was extremely hard working like beyond, I mean, just just super super committed toe to finding a place in this league and improving his game.

  • Um, but I you know, I've heard a lot of people or him say some things this year and they keep saying, Are you surprised?

  • And he keeps saying No, this is what I have always envisioned for myself So I think that's a powerful statement.

  • He makes a swell.

  • He he believes in himself, and he went to work at it.

  • Two more questions in the middle for throw Kayla.

  • Coach Kayla.

  • Great TSN.

  • You guys took quite a few threes at the beginning of the game.

  • Was that just taking what the defense was giving you, or were you trying to really establish you guys in your presence outside?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, we're always gonna, um, take try to take what's there and I agree with you.

  • I said a couple of times early in the game, I said if we shot a two yet, you know, we have the shot up asking night and Pascal had shot one, but I think we taken eight of our 1st 9 shots were threes.

  • But you know, they were open and and I love it because, you know, the one thing that that we must do in this series so that we need to do is go for it and that just showed are no hesitancy, confidence and willing to just kind of go for it.

  • Final question.

  • Left side in the back.

  • Stephen.

  • Stephen Long, SportsNet uh, back here I Stephen, um, Danny Green, like, really struggled in Milwaukee seriously with the with his three point shooting.

  • But it seems tonight he seemed to kind of get that monkey office back.

  • What did you see from from him?

  • Yeah, I mean, I think I think one thing that's been interesting is as the Siri's change and a new team comes in and and all those things that it certain guys, it fits.

  • And certain guys, it doesn't in the rotation or even in the starting lineup.

  • And it just, you know, um, Milwaukee just wasn't his Siri's.

  • And it was It was probably good to get that one over with in his view and kind of get a clean slate.

  • And that's, you know, that's what we said.

  • It's a new Siri's new team.

  • Forget about what's what's happening, and you got to do that game to game now to write, you got toe.

  • I understand that some guys aren't going to shoot as well every night or or is worse every night.

  • So each night we try to find who's who's going and who's got a chance and try to keep those guys out there rolling.

  • Thank you, Nick.

  • All right, Thank you.

right side in the back.


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