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  • Let's go rapid fire through some free agents.

  • We haven't hit yet, starting with the Milwaukee Bucks, who had the best record in the league in the regular season.

  • Let's take him all is one super player.

  • Chris Middleton.

  • Brook Lopez, Malcolm Brogden.

  • One for 32 for 333 for three.

  • What are we going with the Bucks?

  • Well, maybe two for three.

  • I don't know if there's a player in the league with more leverage than Chris Middleton.

  • They can't replace him.

  • He is an all star level player who, if you were to let him walk now you've got Janessa tenant Campo coming up a year later, going, Wait a minute.

  • What happened?

  • My championship roster here.

  • Chris Middleton is in because of his play because of the circumstances in Milwaukee.

  • He is in line to walk away with a five year max contract or right or right there.

  • But Malcolm Brogdon is where it gets more interesting.

  • Yeah, I think I think it's going to be there to for three or 43 for three, and the missing one in the two for three is Brogden, and it's just going to depend on his market the Bucks are gonna have a walk away number where it's just too high for them.

  • The tax payments gets too hot.

  • Now what I will say to that is, this is when you pay the tax.

  • When you're a championship level team, you just opened a new re and everything is going great.

  • This is when you pay the sex.

  • I know it hurts because the Supermax is coming, but that's part of owning an MBA team.

  • If you think Brogden and if you think the difference between broadband what you replace him with, it the minimum.

  • It hurts your championship odds you pay.

  • He's a restricted free agent, 20 million plus offer sheet for him.

  • I think it's realistic.

  • We'll see Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets boy there in between a rock and a hard place, You either pay Kemble a lot of money and lock yourself into a team that isn't very good or you let him walk and then it's pain time.

  • If they were going not going to pay him, I think they knew the neighborhood it was gonna take.

  • Keep him, and that was guaranteeing that fifth year on a deal, then why didn't you trade him at the deadline.

  • That's what I don't understand.

  • If they were to just let him walk here, Yeah.

  • I mean, the noise has been all over the place and and, you know all indications.

  • I mean, he came out and said he would take a little bit less in the Supermax.

  • I don't think they were ever going to offer him.

  • It's actually a good it's a good play.

  • I'm going to.

  • I'm going to take less less of something that they were never going to offer me anyway.

  • So when you do do it looks like you're been element.

  • But it was a smart play by Kemba.

  • Ah, he's still gonna be a player who potentially is gonna get up nearly a $200 million deal in Charlotte 1 71 90 What's the number at that?

  • Michael Jordan comes two.

  • We'll see, and I'm fascinated.

  • If that deal dubs come to pass, how are they getting under the tax?

  • How many picks air assets or stretch provisioned waivers?

  • What are they doing to get under the text?

  • Let's move on.

  • Al Horford opting out of his deal with Boston, telegraphing to the Celtics.

  • He has a place for places he would rather play.

  • What is the latest on Mr Al?

  • Well, it is a source of great intrigue among front offices all over the league.

  • You're not gay agents who are trying to figure out who really has cap space and whose cap spaces phantom because they have Al Horford slotted in there.

  • Al Horford is a smart player.

  • He's got a smart agent, Jason Glue Sean.

  • They are not walking away from Boston without knowing that there is something significant out there, and that's significant.

  • Deal is probably at four years, perhaps over $100 million.

  • There was a limit where Danny Ainge in Boston wanted to go on Al Horford.

  • They do value him greatly, but he's 33 years old.

  • The idea of going for four years.

  • Smart, smart, play by Boston.

  • It's the right play, right, and it's going to get Boston some salary, cap space and flexibility.

  • If they want to go after Ah Kemba Walker and a Cola Vucevic's, they could do some things here in free agency, too.

  • We'll see.

  • I mean, if he wants is set in stone deal on June 30th that would seem to rule out teams for Horford that need to make decisions on three or four different players, which would seem to rule out some of my favorite mystery teams.

  • And that's it.

  • That's for another day.

  • The most mysterious big name free agent on the market.

  • DaMarcus cousins.

  • What are we supposed to do with the markets?

  • Cousins.

  • I'd believe almost anything you tell me and you said it earlier.

  • Zach is it?

  • If somebody one year, 20 million midlevel exception, Golden State could bring him back it.

  • I know you know the With 7% raise off his salary last year, he I think he has shown people he can still be a very, very good player in this league.

  • Can he stay healthy?

  • Listen, there's a lot of cap space this summer.

  • Teams are going to strike out on their first option, their second option, and I think one of those teams will be there to be a landing spot for DeMarcus Cousins is not gonna come on day one or two.

  • I don't think you could tell me you could tell me any number.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Let's go rapid fire through some free agents.


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