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  • you gotta go through these Children books because sometimes they be writing words that don't make real sense.

  • I had experienced greeting to a kid one time, and the book was wrong.

  • So I'm gonna go do this book E.

  • T phone.

  • This is Principal Tobias Harris.

  • I'm taking over today.

  • We're gifting every teacher in the classroom, So I thank you.

  • And I'm here to just show that gratitude towards you is the first day of really initiated Tobias top teachers and Tobias Labs with a little mention school here, like shown encouragement.

  • Male, African American teachers.

  • You know, a teacher is such an important and vital piece in a young kids life.

  • So I think today is a great stock.

  • Yes, reader.

  • A basketball player from the sixties, Mr So Biased Way Tobias Labs is a program designed for young Children to get lit awful literacy.

  • Our main focus is to increase their reading scores and just to have them have fun with reading.

  • Let them know that reading is not something that should be looked at as cool about.

  • So we want them to be able to embrace meeting, have fun reading on our main goal is to increase.

  • Read exports.

  • Right bushes because it's all good.

  • E e cummings.

  • I know, Bob.

  • Thank you.

  • Appreciate it.

  • Watch always that math play to 12 wear.

  • We got Caesar.

  • I'm coming back to 12.

  • Right after this Homa Tisa kids Pythagorean theorem.

  • I go like some map that I was learned.

  • You never need that.

  • Looks like y equals MX plus B.

  • Now I know it, but I like it like that.

  • So I just don't know how to translate toe like real life Thinks that Go.

  • Teachers, Principals.

  • Thank you.

  • Give me your scenario.

  • For example, somebody's worth actual value 180 Estimated value 80.

  • I am a worker working.

  • He's worth 108 dogs.

  • Yes, 180.

  • Minus 80 over 180 when we get a percentage of 55.5.

  • Worker were wrong by 55.5% for the worker for the work.

  • I want to use the platform and the community in the city.

  • Die Minto embrace education about a lot of great things planned in the future.

  • But the gratitude for me is honestly seeing a young kid be able t o go to school.

  • They can really walk out and be successful because they had the proper resources to do those resources.

  • Aren't there everybody?

  • So if I can be a person for it, get other people along to to invest in tow, feel the community up.

  • I think it's when with today I'm gonna be reading Pete the Cat.

  • By the way, my name is Tobias Harris.

  • You don't like that?

  • Call my mom and tell you guys don't like that?

you gotta go through these Children books because sometimes they be writing words that don't make real sense.


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