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  • I understand that you didn't find any indication that the return is in jeopardy, that there is a significant group of players ready to sit out.

  • But if you could outline for us, what are these significant issues that are remaining among the players?

  • Well, and I think the biggest issue is that players want to make sure that the NBA's returned is enhancing the movement of the black lives, matter, movement and all the protest that we see around the country and not distracting from it.

  • Those that was the exact phrase Michele Roberts, who is the executive director of the Players Association, used with me.

  • We want to enhance, not distract from it.

  • And what are the ways that we could do that?

  • And I think the discussions that are being had right now, Um and you know, there was a call on Friday with about 100 people on a 100 players, some of them W N b A players.

  • Also, by the way, there been so many calls this weekend, maybe not 100 people on each call, but 10 people, 12 people, eight people and a lot of those conversations air centering on what are specific things that we can ask for.

  • What are specific actions that we can take when the MBA returns to enhance the movement and not distract from it.

  • You know, some of the things that I've heard them discussing really interesting, and I think over the next week, maybe a couple of weeks we're going to start to see some of the specifics of those asks.

  • But that that's what I think is the is the discussion right now.

  • And as Michelle said, they're talking about it.

  • They're not fighting about it because from the players I've spoken to from the players that won't have spoken to agents, people around the league, there's still a great desire for players to return to action.

  • They just want to do it the right way, return to action with a plan of action.

  • I like that.

  • Can we can we 1st 2nd just take the Lakers as a microcosm of the NBA's because we've seen Dwight Howard voices doubts about the ability to play and be socially active, and then his agent has said he really hasn't decided.

  • We know that Avery Bradley has played a key role also in those talks on the side of Kyrie Irving.

  • And then we have LeBron James.

  • And you know, it's interesting because there are some people who were saying Well, LeBron James needs to make a statement here and unequivocally say that you know, he is behind going to Orlando.

  • Can you just give us some perspective on the Lakers as a whole?

  • Yeah, I think Hannah, the best way to explain it is both.

  • Things can be true.

  • You can.

  • You can feel very strongly that the movement that's happening in our country right now is important and historic, and you want to do everything that you can to support it.

  • You can also feel very strongly that you want to play basketball and you try to win a championship.

  • And I think that's that's the best way to encapsulate all of these players feelings.

  • And, you know, all of us in this country, right, are grappling with a lot of the same issues, is how do we make a difference?

  • How do we do something that's not just talking about it but acting on it?

  • And you know, I think LeBron James, he said at the beginning of season, is something I'll never forget it was such a good line, he said.

  • You know, my mom is always told you don't talk about it, be about it and you know his position is really he's getting ready for the season to resume the Lakers Air, obviously one of the championship contenders.

  • But at the same time last week, he announced an initiative called More than a vote, which isn't to promote voter rights and to discourage voter just voters suppressive depression as we head into the election this fall and LeBron James has always had this sense that he can, he can have Mawr influence or a social impact playing basketball than not playing basketball.

  • You know, I personally have covered several several times when he did this 2012 when the Miami Heat wore hoodies to after the death and killing of Trayvon Martin in 2014.

  • A lot of people forget this.

  • LeBron James was the first player to speak out after the racist tapes of Donald Sterling came out and he said there's no place for Donald Sterling in this league, so if he doesn't have that microphone in front of him that morning and shoot around do his words carry as much weight.

  • That that's always What I've come to understand about LeBron James is that he likes the attention on him, the cameras on him, because it's a powerful platform, and I think every player is wrestling with that.

  • One player talked over the weekend.

  • This is star player Hannah, not on the Lakers, but but a star player said, Look, if I go one for 15 in the game, we're not going to be talking about the protest tomorrow.

  • We're gonna be talking about me going one for 15 and that's what the players want to avoid.

  • And so they're doing everything they can.

  • And they haven't very thoughtful discussions right now about how best to return to action, because I think the general sentiment is they do want to play while not distracting from the movement.

  • That feels very historic, and I thought Dwight Howard did a great job of articulating how historic this moment is.

  • It's finding that balance within the bubble and and with so many eyes on them and ah, in the midst of everything that we have going on, personal concerns that they have a swell about being separated from their families about their health and all those individuals decisions that, as you said so beautifully, were all grappling with how to make a difference in effect change.

  • Ramona Shelburne.

  • Thank you.

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I understand that you didn't find any indication that the return is in jeopardy, that there is a significant group of players ready to sit out.


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