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  • the Clippers right downstairs as the staple center.

  • What could possibly go wrong?

  • Families, Dates going, going to the game.

  • People spend a lot of money on these tickets.

  • Kawai Leonard not playing.

  • And we caught up with Clipper fans to see how they felt.

  • Take a look.

  • Quite a claim.

  • His garbage man.

  • It's like having garbage in the house 90 degrees in the A c hasn't working two weeks.

  • It's hot garbage way paid for you to be a millionaire.

  • And this is how you acted.

  • Really kind of peeved.

  • Yeah, I paid ah season tickets.

  • And then last minute they tell us that he wasn't gonna play.

  • I was pretty mad.

  • I e mailed to do that.

  • Sold me the tickets and I said, You want me to other ticket to up to other games?

  • I wasn't happy, man.

  • I'm not happy.

  • It's too early in the season to be missing game.

  • He's literally ducking, honest, because if you like, it makes more sense for him to play tonight and set out tomorrow because they're going to battle with the Bucks for home court all year for the Finals.

  • Hype like potentially the only logical reason for why you wouldn't play tonight.

  • He's like, Hey, guys, that you honest guy, I don't I don't want Not in the regular season, I'm saving myself against for the playoffs.

  • I'm a season ticket holder, so not very happy.

  • But hopefully he's they're coming playoffs.

  • Is that the goals of load management?

  • You just saying, Well, if he could do what he did for the Raptors, you're okay with that.

  • I don't know about that.

  • I hope he plays a lot because I paid a lot of money for my ticket, so I bought season tickets.

  • Especially see quiet.

  • Paul George.

  • How we feeling about Kawai not playing tonight?

  • No English story, but thank you said that Quiet's not point.

  • Yes, that's why my 14 year old decided not to come to the game tonight.

  • But he gets to come tonight.

  • 14 year olds.

  • I'm sit it out so he's sitting it out.

  • I understand it, but like, you know, we played good money to come see these guys play and display their talents.

  • It's a business for us, so you know as customers to see that.

  • But like on their end there, trying to win, fulfill their career goals I understand it.

  • I just feel some kind of way about it.

  • I mean, we paid too much money, you know, way too much money.

  • Like everybody plays money, pay hard, working one millionaires.

  • And they're making this easy money.

  • You know anything to keep him healthy.

  • The name of the game is playoffs.

  • You know, if he's not playing tonight, I get it.

  • Doc Rivers knows what he's doing.

  • Medical staff, They know what they're doing.

  • I don't blame them for doing what the Raptors did.

  • Your the most reasonable understanding fan in Los Angeles.

  • Well, um, from Alaska, you brought the whole family to the game tonight.

  • The whole bunch.

  • So you upset the Kawai is not playing, Actually.

  • Wow, he's not playing.

  • Oh, I still support the clippers own at school.

  • OK, your little bums, he's not a bomb.

  • Look what it would have been a good game.

  • I mean, can I say that?

  • Yeah, I was looking forward to this.

  • Gives him not big way.

  • Just saw that he had bought tickets.

  • Yeah, it's kind of disappointing, and I wish he plays more police, More home games.

  • It's breaking.

  • My heart's in your kid with Kawai shirt and he's not playing.

  • How does it make you feel?

  • Horrible?

  • You will be playing one day, though.

  • Definitely Sorry, buddy.

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the Clippers right downstairs as the staple center.


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