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  • it's a make or miss league.

  • Good make surge protector.

  • Speaking of Mr Baca was nice off the bench last night.

  • Just 22 minutes.

  • 6.6 blocks, five boards.

  • This is the Ibaka right stack that the Raptors have been waiting for.

  • Search a block up your block.

  • That's that's a big That's a big luxury to have coming off the bench with an impact like that.

  • I mean, he did do it on in scoring, but defensively is what they needed.

  • The adult.

  • Absolutely.

  • And look, he's got uneven through the playoffs.

  • But he's one of their guys with finals experience, but what it does it makes you look over your shoulder now.

  • Yep, absolutely Miss objectivity after the game.

  • Paschal seaq um said his favorite NBA player is Fred Van Bleeds.

  • That's what do you think?

  • That's a little like teammate?

  • Look up.

  • What?

  • You guys okay?

  • It's It's this with the north or the way we look out for each other just on the road.

  • Man, please.

  • That about him last last week?

  • Alright, My favorite is Van Bleeds, baby, because apparently that's what turned back into a scoring machine, right?

  • Just think that's the m v p of the rafters.

  • If they win the baby, better make the parade.

  • But I'm happy Siachen are worked out with him.

  • Absolutely.

  • Make take out fourth quarter win.

  • Cook on the run gets blocked by Danny Green.

  • Get that shot out of here.

  • That's forward up and down and then gets chased down again.

  • Get that shot out of here too.

  • Okay, it's too.

  • So just cook should be picking.

  • Going pump fake.

  • Now you do the jump.

  • Stop!

  • Head fake.

  • It's the playoffs.

  • You're going up like that.

  • You gotta Duncan, get out the way Bad, right?

  • Try to put it right over the rim to just comment.

  • Sirs, we're doing it.

  • But what four years?

  • For sure.

  • Miss Taps before the game.

  • Norman Powell looking against him love from Kwai Because it is not happening.

  • Why is focused?

  • You cannot bother quiet during his routine superstitions.

  • A superstition, I feel because typically, you know, guys, I usually meet right before you go through the curtain tunnel.

  • So it looks like he's like now we're going up here.

  • Th they're trying to bring it right here for you.

  • You do get you have a lot of guys who are You have to have it the way.

  • There's a lot of guys who are super super super video time.

  • Right back.

  • So the funniest guy left hanging moments in MBA history, or at least the ones we've caught on tape number three.

  • I'm not on Jeremy Lamb.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • You better shake my hand, not leave Russell Westbrook hanging at all in any way.

  • Thank you.

  • Take my hand on mission.

  • Florence number to fill.

  • Looking to get tapped up by Kobe.

  • Kobe?

  • No having it.

  • Yeah, that makes a show of wrapping up all media round.

  • Amazing.

  • Sorry, Phil.

  • What do you know?

  • 2000 All Star Game.

  • David Robinson.

  • Just completely crazy.

  • I was here for that court.

  • You were?

  • All right, everybody on There we go.

  • She Yoshi, I'm not surprised.

  • Carter yesterday made a reference to in his era, which we explain was every era of the MBA because both has played and will play forever.

  • So there you go.

  • Any piece of video you're gonna be like, Oh, yeah, I was around.

it's a make or miss league.


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