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  • for the first time in three years.

  • I have a home.

  • It's a huge apartment with so much space space space.

  • See, for three years I had no space.

  • I was traveling full time, living out of a small back back that was this big inside of it.

  • I could only fit 10 T shirts, underwear and one pair of pence.

  • This was everything that I owned and because I didn't have much space, everything I bought had to pass the mountain.

  • If the object was worth carrying up a mountain on my back with no hassle, then I buy.

  • If it's not, then I don't.

  • The mountain test allows you to keep on Lee what's important to you and travel freely.

  • But when you don't travel, things are different.

  • You get a home and you get a lot of space.

  • So you by five the latest gadgets latest closed latest hand, back way.

  • Before we know it, our homes get full and lives get cluttered, and we have failed the mounting test.

  • This is why traveling full time was the best thing to happen to me.

  • They taught me to be careful of what I buy.

  • It taught me that we don't need much to survive, and that quarter kills you inside.

  • That's why I'm buying Onley.

  • They essentials the comfortable beds, pillows, furniture and that's it.

  • And for everything else, I'm applying the mountain test.

  • Are you sure that whatever the pan, the pan, I probably wouldn't, you know, take this on top of a mountain, but I will still bite.

  • Look, the mountain test is extreme.

  • It's It's very, very extreme, you know.

  • The whole point of it is to make you think five times or buying something new.

  • Because even if you have space in your home, it doesn't mean that we have space in your life for all these different objects.

  • Deep fried response and that's the whole point.

  • Ah, big house should be filled with people and parties, not with objects and gadgets.

for the first time in three years.


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