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  • the following video is not a joke because this video is about Isis.

  • See, last year I heard about a city that was attacked by Isis.

  • I was in the area, so I went up close to see its location.

  • Doesn't matter, but the visuals do because Isis has destroyed the city.

  • I saw army checkpoints.

  • I saw bullet proof vests, bomb destruction, air strikes.

  • I saw bullet shells, people who lost their homes and even live God.

  • Fire is not safe between the army and Isis terrorists.

  • This is an actual war zone.

  • You may think all of this happened in Syria or Iraq or the Middle East where Isis started, but it didn't.

  • This happened 5000 miles away in a small town in southern Philippines called Marawi.

  • And that's what shocked me the most.

  • It wasn't the destruction.

  • It was the reach off.

  • Isis.

  • How did they get so far?

  • How did they destroy this peaceful village?

  • Then I realized Isis is not a person.

  • It's an ideology.

  • Anyone can have it anywhere.

  • Here, here, here or here.

  • It may even be your neighbor.

  • That's why killing a terrorist is easy.

  • But killing an ideology is hard and I think that's exactly what the locals were trying to do.

  • Five miles away from the destruction, I saw a university that was open education, they said, is the best way to kill an ideology way are going toe hoping that passes by August 21 because we are very confident that way.

  • Women and men attended university even when bombs were falling in the background.

  • Everyone disapproved off Isis.

  • Everyone wanted the war to end.

  • And they did.

  • Five months later, the Philippines army, with the help of the US Army, was able to liberate the city.

  • This unique experience, I do not recommend or wish toe anyone.

  • But it was a learning experience.

  • It taught me that extremism is not just Isis and not just Muslims.

  • Anyone can become an extremist in any religion.

  • In any country, we must fight it anywhere.

  • We see it just like they did.

  • Let's kill extremism before it kills us.

  • See you next.

  • Hey there.

  • How are you?

  • Thank you so much for watching the video.

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  • They're short and they're meaningful.

  • Also, try following this channel.

  • I think you'll enjoy it every day.

  • There's gonna be a much better video coming your way.

  • Thank you so much.

the following video is not a joke because this video is about Isis.


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