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last month, I showed you the most depressing country I've been to North Korea.
I show you their missiles, soldiers and their people.
And that made me cry and many off you cry.
North Korea is depressing way in the world.
There are two Koreas, not one.
So what about South Korea?
What do people do there?
To answer that question?
I visited South Korea, and what I saw there will make you unexpectedly happy because it is under pressing.
Just look at the way they protest, See in the rest of the world, protests get easily violent, easily turned into riots and clashes and weapons, but not in Korea.
In 2018 I witnessed a rare Korean protest, and I was surprised by how peaceful it waas.
South Koreans went to the street in the millions to protest against their president, using candles, street parties, flags and inflatable sharks, not weapons or violence.
And after a few weeks off protests, they succeeded.
The president was removed from office peacefully.
This was a revolution off candles.
To this day, I am inspired by their protests and I am even mawr inspired by what they did 20 years ago.
Following is another true story.
In 1998 the Korean government was running out of money.
They owed billions of dollars in loans and the government couldn't pay them back.
And that is when the Korean people stepped in.
I kid you not.
Millions of citizens donated their own money to the government.
They collected their goal.
They'll necklaces their rings and personal belongings and gave them to the government voluntarily so they could pay back national debt.
My parents gave away three rings to save the country from the national debt.
I mean, who would do such a thing for their country?
Not high, not you, but the Korean people Did.
They paid their national debt as a community, and 20 years later they built an amazing country with world class medical systems, world class, smart cities, war class technology companies.
That's why today there's a little bit of Korean technology in your pocket right now.
At the end of the day, North Korea is still depressing, but it can change, and it can become a country with peaceful protests, strong community and smart technology.


Most Un-Depressing Country

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